How to prepare for your visit to national parks in the USA?

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If we speak of “the” USA, it is because the country is so vast that there are many countries to visit, all very different from each other, each with so much wealth to discover. In order to explore the landscape as much as possible, one idea is to take a tour of the national parks. Here are some tips to help you prepare for it.

There are more national parks than states in the USA

There are many national parks in the United States, 59 to be exact. Or more than one national park per state (there are 50 states in the United States). The best known are undoubtedly those of Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yosemite in California and Rocky Mountains in Colorado, even that of the Death Valley between California and Nevada, but there are many others, smaller and less known, but just as rich in landscapes, fauna and flora to discover.

Moreover, although it is not the best known, the most visited remains that of Great smoky mountains between the Tennessee and North Carolina.

How to prepare well?

Of course, if you are going on an adventure in American national parks, you will have to be well prepared!

Equipment and clothing

The country being so big, remember that climates are bound to vary, whether you go to Redwood in California, where the climate is rather tropical, to the Capitol Reef in Utah, which is almost desert, or to the Glacier in Montana, where, As the name suggests, temperatures will not be the hottest. Depending on the case, the equipment you will need to provide will not be the same.

Remember, therefore, to bring warm clothes but also equipment to protect you from the sun. Don't forget to take a map for each of the states you are going to visit, as well as a general map of the United States. It is always pleasant to be able to retrace your path on a map to realize the extent of our pilgrimages.

The budget

Also note that entry to national parks is not free (far from it!). Depending on how many parks you plan to visit, it may be a good idea to grab an America the Beautiful pass ($ 80 per year pass), which opens the doors to over 2 federal places like nature parks, with options offered to facilitate transport and visit these places.

The documents

It should also be remembered that for any visit to the United States, certain documents are imperative, such as a biometric or electronic passport and, in certain cases, a visa or an Esta document.

You are now ready for your tour of the national parks of the USA. So which one did you like the most?

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