Why go to Hawaii? Journey to Heaven on Earth

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This archipelago offers a total change of scenery in the middle of the Pacific. Its annual sunshine in fact an ideal destination for adventure seekers in the tropics. Why go to Hawaii? A trip that tastes of paradise!

Why go to Hawaii? Idyllic landscapes!

Placed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian archipelago is the most isolated American state in the world. It is made up of 137 volcanic islands that appeared seventy million years ago. The capital of the archipelago, but also of the main island (Oahu), is Honolulu.

Get breathtaking views of the ocean from the crater, as you hike around fifty minutes to the top of the volcano. It is best to go there in the morning, because of the heat, with good walking shoes and a bottle of cold water.

Landscapes of Hawaii

Hawaii water sports

The Hawaiian waves attract surfers from all over the world, who come to perform the most beautiful tricks. Explore the rich exotic seabed at the bottom of the ocean, during a scuba dive.
Alone or in pairs, treat yourself to the most beautiful 360 ° view of the island by soaring aboard a parasailing above the turquoise waters. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!
Why go to Hawaii? To witness the unforgettable spectacle of a sunset with unique colors from Waikiki Beach.

Island in Hawaii

Discovering marine fauna

At Sea Life Park d'Oahu, swim with dolphins becomes an achievable dream. There is a law prohibiting tourists from approaching dolphins, but it does not apply to dolphins, who are allowed to do so. Why go to Hawaii? This is the opportunity to meet exceptional animals: sea ​​turtles, penguins and humpback whales, also present in winter, for an exceptional experience!

Dolphins in hawaii

Stroll the streets of Honolulu

It is by walking along Waikiki Beach, on the famous Kalakaua Avenue, that you can indulge in the pleasure of shopping. Most of Hawaii's hotels and restaurants are located in this area as well. In addition, the Ala Moana shopping center has more than two hundred stores, to the delight of shopping fans.

During your shopping, souvenir shops will offer you to buy wooden objects, such as mugs or statuettes called tiki which represent deities once loved by the Hawaiian people. Take advantage of the Waikiki Market to buy a pretty flower lei, a typical symbol of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.


Why go to Hawaii? To delight your taste buds

The catering remains very varied in Hawaii, which is explained by the different ethnic origins of the population of the island. However, the influences of Asian catering are quite marked by the presence of many Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese restaurants… American food also holds a very important place in the culture of the island, with its burgers.

Enjoy the delicious fruits sold in the markets such as local fruits like lilikoi (similar to passion fruit), cherymole (mix between the taste of strawberry and that of pineapple) and chico (berry mixing the taste of brown sugar and that of cinnamon ).

Pratical information

A desire to escape? Here is some useful information to help you plan your trip to Hawaii.

  • tourist Office : visit the Hawaii tourist office
  • Silver : Hawaii is an American state. The currency in force is therefore the US dollar.
  • When to go? Hawaii's mild, sunny climate makes it an annual destination. Booking a last minute trip makes it possible to travel inexpensively… as far as possible for this trip to the end of the world!
  • Paperwork : for a stay of less than 90 days, the visa is not required. However, a biometric passport is required. It is valid for at least six months after the return date. The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form, completed on the website at least 72 hours before travel, is mandatory.
  • Health : no vaccine is required by the destination. However, it is strongly recommended to take out repatriation assistance insurance, as medical services, even excellent, are very expensive on the island.
  • Getting around Hawaii : the best way to be independent is to rent a car on site.

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