How to prepare well for your world tour?

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Think carefully about your journey

Go around the world? You dream of it! But before leaving, you have to prepare it well. Discover people, cultures, experience strong emotions for a year, or even more, you can expect! How to prepare for this great adventure? Follow the leader !

The first questions: why and how to leave?

Wanting to break the daily grind, get out of your little comfort, go into the unknown: these are often the first reasons that come to mind when you set out to go to the other side of the planet. But that's not enough because you have to be really motivated!

Humanitarian, discovery, athletic? You have to choose your goal… But also the way of traveling: backpacker backpack or relaxation and pleasure, the price is not the same!

Budget matters

A trip around the world cannot be decided overnight. First of all because it is expensive! (up to € 17 for 000 months of adventure).
Putting money aside for a year or two may be necessary. What matters is seeing all the countries you want. Another idea: find work on site to supplement your means.
The main costs to consider: transportation, food, accommodation and activities. Other solutions: find sponsors such as sports brands, tour operators, banks, etc.

Why think about where to go?

Planning the countries you want to cross is an essential step. Why ? To calculate how long we leave. And then that determines when to go: going to India in the middle of the monsoon, for example, it's not that great! It also allows you to make arrangements for work (sabbatical or simple vacation?), Accommodation (notice, terminating electricity, etc.) ... And with those around you. Knowing a minimum of the countries, the climate and the political conditions is essential. This allows, among other things, to take the lead in health issues: learn about vaccines.

What do I put in my bag?

The goal: not to be cluttered. For clothes, essential, a fleece (warm and light) and a cape for the rain. On the equipment side, the impregnated mosquito net does not take up space, why deprive yourself of it?

Get yourself a first aid kit: antidiarrhoeal and antispasmodic (stomach), an antihistamine, paracetamol (migraine, muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, feverishness) are basic drugs. Not stupid: tablets to purify the water (in pharmacies). It can help if drinking water is not recommended in a country. Add dressings (ampoules), disinfectant, and mosquito repellent (cream).

Also take a pouch (or a banana) to keep your papers close to the body, under the T-shirt, for areas at risk.

Last practical advice

  • Choose a payment card valid in the world.
  • Don't neglect travel insurance. A good solution is to compare insurance on
  • Plan the visas for the first countries you are going to cross (usually done in the embassies of each country).
  • Apply for an international permit (at the prefecture or sub-prefecture where you live).
  • Scan and send your important documents (CI, Visa, passport, etc.) to your mailbox: a tip for all frequent travelers so as not to be caught off guard.
  • Plan to stay in touch with your loved ones (worldwide phone plan, blog, etc.)
  • Have a good health check; to leave quiet.

There you have it, a few details to sort out, and you're good to go!

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