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Munich is distinguished by two symbols: its flourishing economy which makes it one of the most dynamic cities in Europe and the beer, which its inhabitants worship! Because under its peaceful aspects, the capital of Bavaria hides an exalted life… So if you are still wondering why to visit Munich, here are some reasons.

Popular and distinguished

To realize this, we strongly advise you to spend your vacation in Munich in the fall during the unmistakable Oktoberfest (or Beer Festival) which celebrates with great popular jubilation the passion of the people of Munich for this drink. This reason alone should answer the question "why go to Munich".

But don't get too hung up on this crazy aspect, because Munich is blessed with other top-notch festivals such as the opera, a lesser-known pride of its inhabitants that reveals their great artistic sensibility.

A very attractive city center

To go out, you will be spoiled for choice, but we cannot recommend enough that you have a drink in the Hofbräuhaus Brewery, one of the oldest in the city.

In this same district, you will easily find accommodation in which to sleep and make the most of its privileged location. This is particularly the case for your shopping, where you will enjoy both luxury boutiques and other more underground places very popular with young Munichers.

Small preview in photos

Here is our small selection of photos that should convince you that Munich will be your next destination. You will no longer wonder why!

Monument Olympic park and its tower Colorful houses Munich, the beer capital By the Isar river

Pratical information

To help you prepare for your stay, here is the practical information.

Munich Tourist Office

Discover Munich's museums and festivals on the Munich Tourist Office website. Consider consulting them before going to the Oktoberfest, so that you can take advantage of their advice on finding an inexpensive hotel.

Sendlinger Str. 1
D-80331 Munich

German National Tourist Office

If you want more information about Munich and Bavaria, contact the German National Tourist Office, located in Paris.

21, rue Leblanc
75015 Paris - France

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