Half-Day Third Reich Historical Walking Tour

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This excursion will take you back in time. Learn all about the Nazis' rise to power, Hitler's plans for Berlin, and his end in the bunker. Discover the authentic site of the former Nazi government district and the seat of their terror regime.

On this tour you will see the location of Hitler's bunker, in which he committed suicide and you will have the opportunity to walk along the former government quarter of the Nazis where they planned the Second World War and the Holocaust. Then you can admire Goering's Air Defense Ministry, Goebbel's Propaganda Ministry and the site of the New Chancellery bunker.

On this tour, you will walk along the former Nazi government district where they planned World War II and the Holocaust. Some buildings are still intact as Goering, the Air Defense Minister, directed the Battle of Britain from here and all of Minister Goebbel's propaganda. The tour ends at the ruins of the SS and the Gestapo (the Nazi secret police). They now constitute the “Topography of Terror” exhibition. An excursion of the exhibition is possible after the visit. Free admission.

During the tour you will learn more about why the Nazis came to power, how Hitler's ideology led to World War II and the destruction of Europe, and how today's Germany today deals with its past.

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