Eat well and sleep well in Berlin

Where and what to eat?

Courtyard of the Humboldt

If German gastronomy is all too often associated with sauerkraut and charcuterie, this stereotype proves that those who use it have never eaten at the restaurant of the famous and reputable "Humboldt Universität".

Refined and resolutely German dishes will be served; evidenced by the delicious pork medallions with mustard and the excellent potato salad that my table companions and I enjoyed.

Luxury restaurant you say? Nay! Prices could not be more affordable for this restaurant with its sober and elegant decoration of high standing.

The high ceilings, the gleaming chandeliers as well as the spacious volumes of the different rooms are not an argument here for a menu with hard to digest prices.

Judge for yourselves of this meal with your choice of starter (€2,50), main course (including the famous pork medallions) at €5,20, all rounded off with a dessert (generous slice of bavarois or chestnut mousse) whose price varies between 2 and 3,50€.

Where else can you find the best value for money on the avenue “Unter den Linden” [Link to the report already online “unter den linden, famous avenue in Berlin”], the Germanic counterpart of our adored Champs Elysées?

I still ask myself the question.


The Alexanderplatz (in the “Mitte” district) offers an interesting restaurant option since you can eat there at the typical and convivial “Brauhaus” and appreciate the benefits of the German art of eating!

Late risers will be delighted by the multitude of cafes offering extremely complete brunches!

The "Cafe Bleibtreu", for example, on the "Savignyplatz" offers its buffet for 6€ (3€ for children).

If you look carefully, you can even find some more frugal offers at €2,90 (“Wirtshaus Hasenheide”).

A well-deserved sleep!

Near the popular "Kreuzberg" district, you can stay in a modern and comfortable hotel, serving a hearty breakfast, varied and good quality products.

This is the Motel One, which somewhat resembles the configuration of the F1 (a double bed surmounted by a third bunk bed) for rooms for three people. The only downside (but size): the price.

You can indeed sleep here from 50 € per night, which, despite the cleanliness and comfort of the motel, does not quite justify, in my opinion, the practice of such rates.

This is a good, advantageous solution so as not to be too far from the city center (metro “Moritzplatz”), a few stations from Alexanderplatz.

Group rates are nevertheless practiced and skilful negotiators will undoubtedly manage to obtain a small discount.

Useful information

Motel One :

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