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Here we are in the heart of the former East Berlin, a district that used to be idle, which has gradually turned into a trendy district filled with students and artists, cafés and "biergarten" (beer gardens, where Berliners come together to share their love of hops).

It is in this district that we find the nicest places to eat, whether on the large avenue Kastanienallee (which the inhabitants call the "Casting Allee"), on Schönhauser Allee or on the small neighborhood squares, such as Kollwittzplatz or Helmoltzplatz.

On Kastanienallee, an avenue where many artists' squats remain, is the Biergarten Prater, the oldest beer garden in Berlin (it was created in 1837). Concerts are regularly organized there, so there's nothing like drinking a beer while eating a "currywurst".

In Prenzlauerberg you can also find the best "currywurst" (sausage with curry sauce) in Berlin, in the imbiss (small shop serving local specialties) under the Eberswalder Strasse metro: the Konnopkes Imbiss. For an excellent brunch, we go to "Miro", in Raumer Strasse, a small Turkish restaurant with red brick walls and very welcoming waiters. But you can have brunch everywhere here!

You also have to go to the Kulturbrauerai, a vast pedestrian complex where there is a supermarket, bars, a cinema... Very festive in summer, not really attractive in winter...

But Prenzlauerberg, beyond its restaurants and bars, is also superb buildings with colorful facades, constantly renewed, as if we were trying to permanently erase the years of the Wall.

And then if we are looking for greenery, we are served! Many green spaces dot the neighborhood, peaceful, where Germans meet to play ping-pong or have a barbecue with friends (for example, on Helmotzplatz square).

Finally, why not take a trip to the Jewish cemetery on Schönhauser Allee? Around the headstones and disordered tombstones, a small path is drawn that lovers will not hesitate to take for a romantic stroll...

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