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In the beginning there was a river, the Spree. Then we built boats. Finally, the man wanted to bathe. But the water was cold.

So Berliners had the original idea of ​​building a swimming pool in a boat to be able to bathe in the warmth near the Spree!

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Das Badeschiff, the bathing vessel

The Berlin Badeschiff

Not far from the magnificent "Oberbaumsbrücke" bridge (subway stop "Warschauer Strasse") which connects the Friedrischain district to Kreuzberg, along the Berliner river, I was intrigued by the three enormous white bubbles which were flush with the surface of the wide river.

The entrance porch

You can't miss the entrance (accessible by the Schlesischer Tor metro station, or the TeborStrasse bus stop) to this "wellness" center as the advertisement says.

The path is signposted, in fact, in this former port industrial zone with rather particular looks.

Large containers stacked on top of each other form a quirky style porch which the eccentric will find charming while the more conventional will certainly tax it with ugliness.

Here again the creative, daring and futuristic character of the city is expressed, on its indelible historical past.

The pool not covered at night

Illuminated, this sauna-pool complex floats in the night like a fantastic ship.

If bathing in water at 25°C on an evening in the middle of winter with a panoramic view of the city is very pleasant, this luxury nevertheless has a price and it will cost you some €12 for 3 hours of relaxation.

To this must be added the rental of bath linen (towels, cap, etc.).

Is it really reasonable to grant oneself such a difference? Maybe not every day but I really enjoyed the experience!

A good sweat in the sauna, a few fathoms and the hunger is tight? No problem: you can regain your strength at the bar or relax in the space provided for this purpose.

Useful information

Rates for

Child (up to 16 years old) 3 hours




Adult 12€ 2€
Morning sauna (until 15 p.m. on working days) 8€ 2€
Midnight bath
Friday and Saturday from 23:00 p.m.
8€ 2€
Card of 10 entries 100€ 2€
Linen rental
robe 3€
napkin 1,50€
slippers 1€

Opening time :

Sauna Men
Tuesday 12am-24pm
Sauna Ladies
Thursday 12am-03pm
Friday 12am-03pm
Saturdays and eves of public holidays
Sauna Ladies
Sunday and off days 10am-24pm


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