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Or how to get your surfboard into the metro?!

As you have understood, the city of Sydney is established in an immense bay on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

There are therefore just over 60 beaches easily accessible from the city, spread towards the ocean (“outer beach”), like Bondi Beach, or towards the waters of Sydney Harbor (“harbour beach”), like Manly.

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Whatever the date of your trip, you will certainly be able to take advantage of the seaside to swim or admire the beauty of Australian beaches, because the climate in Sydney is never very harsh (except in July and August!).

Besides, Australians don't hesitate to surf every day of the year!

Manly, an excursion to do absolutely

Manly is an easy and very interesting day trip from Circular Quay and downtown Sydney.

For 30 minutes, you will be able to test the famous yellow and green ferries that criss-cross Sydney Bay and take part in the daily life of the hundreds of city dwellers, settled in the different areas of the bay, who come to work every day by boat.

Once there, Manly really looks like a small seaside resort on the "sunshine coast" and its atmosphere is very family and relaxed.

It is a very good place to take advantage of the many traditional Australian "surf shops".

The biggest surf brands (Billabong, Quicksilver, RipCurl, for example) compete to create the trendiest and most fashionable store on the street.

You can therefore become unbeatable on the surfing champions of the last ten years and get an Australian “surfwear” makeover!


Finally, the most important thing during an excursion to Manly is to choose your place in the return boat, because the journey towards downtown Sydney is simply magnificent.

It's up to you to choose the right shuttle if you want to see the city and its scenery by day, at sunset, or at night.

The boat enters “Sydney Cove” from the front with the “Opera House” and the “Harbour Bridge” in the background.

Faced with this panorama, we often want to take a boat trip once we arrive!

Bondi, the beach 15 min by metro

Bondi Beach (pronounced Bondaïïï!) has a completely different vibe than Manly, but is surely more popular with Sydney's youth and handsome surfers.

Very easy to get to, 15 minutes on the main line of the Sydney Metro, just follow the surfboards at the exit of the metro ('Bondi Junction' station) to find out which bus will take you there. 'to the beach !

On site, you will find many restaurants, small cafes and "surf shops", but they do not encroach too much on the beach and leave free access to the sea.

It is therefore also a very popular district at night for its nightclubs and bars.

Bondi is best known for the beauty of the natural site of the beach, the quality of its waves and the experience of its "life savers" (lifeguards) in red and yellow colors and rather sexy outfits!

They are essential in this area of ​​the Pacific Ocean, because Bondi is crossed by many very strong sea currents, which often carry away swimmers and surfers.

So don't take any risks and always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Finally there is also a small path along the coast (to your right when you are facing the sea) which winds between the rocks, the sea and the cliffs.

It is really a very pleasant walk, with magnificent views of the beach and the coast, but when there are not too many people around you.

As you take this trail, you will pass Australia's famous and trendiest swimming pool.

This open swimming pool, set below the cliffs, faces the sea and the waves all year round.

The building overlooking it is the headquarters of the only winter swimming club in the world, the “Bondi Iceberg Club” founded in 1929 by a group of “life savers” keen to keep in shape in winter!

Useful information

Comprehensive list of Sydney's 50 beaches! (You choose !)

Manly is accessible by boat thanks to the shuttle which departs from “Circular Quay” every 30 min (journey = 15AU$, 10€).

On site, the tourist office is located just to the right at the exit of the ferry terminal.

The main beach is located at the end of the pedestrian street in front of the terminal.

The Northern beaches of Sydney (information and accommodation on the 3 "Northern beaches" of Sydney, Manly, Warringa and Pittwater)

The town of Manly (site of the tourist office, accommodation)

You can get to Bondi by bus or tube, Bondi Junction station, terminal of the blue line (Eastern surburbs & lllawarra line).

Then take the bus marked “Bondi Beach” from this station.

The Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club (if you've always dreamed of becoming one of Bondi's famous life savers, some beach safety tips)

The "Bondi Iceberg Club" (if you feel like swimming in July-August)

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