The beaches of Rio de Janeiro

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The inhabitants of Rio – the famous 'cariocas' – have made the beach a true way of life. Everyone rubs shoulders there, from the rich inhabitants of Ipanema to the kids of the favelas.

A few accessories are essential: on the feet, of course, Havaianas flip-flops, essential. For ladies, the famous 'tanga', the Brazilian thong.

And the gentlemen are not left out: the 'sunga', tight boxers will also allow you to cause a sensation.

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First essential walk on Copacabana, fascinating and chaotic. This over 4 km long sandbar is perhaps the most famous beach in the world. The still majestic Copabana Palace was the first hotel there.

You can stop by for a drink, unless you prefer to sip coconut water or a caipirinha along the beach. More practical for 'people watching'.

Over time, Copacabana has nevertheless lost its international prestige to its neighbor Ipanema. Money, fashion and people now belong to the latter.

The rich inhabitants of Rio have migrated further south to Ipanema, and the chic district of Leblon in its extension.



Two mythical beaches overlooked by the mountains of Rio, two ways to fully enjoy the Brazilian 'beachlife'.

It is better to locate your 'district', delimited on each beach by the numbered 'postos' which correspond to the aid stations.

Around the rainbow flag on Copacabana or Posto 8 on Ipanema, you are in gay territory.

For lovers of thongs and dream bodies, the Posto 9 from Ipanema seems to be the place of choice.

And for those who prefer beach volleyball, head to Posto 13 where the best players compete – and therefore the bodies of athletes!

Even older, the 'cariocas' do not forget to maintain their bodies. Volleyball players in their fifties compete all day long.

The locals love their sporty walks along the beaches. And Brazilians wear thongs at all ages!

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