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If you want to lose weight, don't go to Brazil! The gastronomy of the country is rarely light. Meat and beans are the kings…

Without forgetting of course the cocktails, so sweet that you sometimes forget that they are alcoholic! To be consumed in moderation, therefore…

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Rodizios de viandes and feijoadas

Many restaurants offer a 'per kilo' service that allows you to test the different flavors of Brazil. Each region has its specialties.

The 'feijoada', pork meat accompanied by black beans and orange slices, is the favorite dish of the cariocas – the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro.

Food lovers will appreciate the State of Minas Gerais, with its meat dishes and 'queijo' (cheese) fritters.

Some restaurants offer a single price to taste a meat rodizio… In other words, a carnivorous parade!

Don't go for the first sausages, followed by pork offal, beef, lamb and other roasts… as you like. Vegetarians, go your way!

Bahian cuisine

In the state of Bahia, meat leaves a little more room for fish and seafood. Bahian cuisine is a mixture of African and Brazilian flavors, sometimes beautifully presented in a banana leaf.

To be tested urgently: the Moqueça, a stew of fish, prawns, crab or even oysters, embellished with dendé oil and coconut milk. A delight!

  • Brazilian cocktails

Are you more Caipirinha, Maracuja or Pina Colada? After a few days in Brazil, you will quickly understand that a successful evening rhymes with fruit cocktails.

And to serve as a base for these tasty mixtures, Cachaça, a sugar cane alcohol.

Then opt for a classic Caipirinha if you're more into lemon and crushed ice, for the Maracuja if you don't mind overdosing on passion fruit, or for the Pina Colada if you prefer coconut milk.


Along the beaches of Bahia, there is no shortage of fruit stalls and allow you to choose your own mixes from watermelon, kiwi, coconut, pineapple, mango and other exotic fruits.

It's up to you to find your favorite cocktail! Special mention to the mango – pineapple – kiwi cachaça.

And if you're not afraid to become addicted, also try the passion fruit mousse, the sublime maracuja mousse... 

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