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    Great Barrier Reef in Australia

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    The Great Barrier Reef is undoubtedly Australia's greatest treasure.

    It extends over 2300 km along the east coast of Queensland, from Cape York to Bundaberg, and covers 348 km², the total area of ​​Japan. It is home to 000 species of fish and 1500 different types of coral.

    A little reminder of biology : Corals are formed thanks to small marine animals, polyps, which, while developing, build a hard skeleton of aragonite around them.

    This is why it is always difficult to know if the coral is a stone or an animal. Its status would rather be that of living stone!

    The second builders of the Great Barrier are the zooxanthellae algae, which live in symbiosis with the polyps, and accelerate the solidification of the coral.

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    Our proposed activity: Full day exploration of the coral reef at Marine World

    If you want to know more, you don't need to be an expert to discover Australia's underwater fauna and flora!

    In most cases, a mask and a snorkel (“snorkelling”) are more than enough. However, now is the time to discover the most beautiful depths.

    Diving, for all levels, is highly developed in Australia, you can even take advantage of your stay to obtain a diving diploma (PADI type).

    The main land points for an excursion on the Barrier are: Cooktown, Hinchinbrook, Cairns, Townsville, Airlie Beach, or Mackay, but you can find departures for diving or "snorkelling" from all major cities, beaches, bars from the coast and all the tourist points.

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    National Geographic information about the Great Barrier Reef

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