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Between tradition and modernity

After the crossing in the boat (or the descent of the small plane), here we are, therefore, arrived on another land! We are still in Croatia of course, but a wind of freedom and sea freshness is blowing pleasantly and even in summer, it is more than advisable to bring a little woolen jacket for night outings. Among the treasures to discover, let's not miss the pretty monastery of Blaca, forming one body with the rock, or the dragon's cave (Zmajeva špilja); more appealing by name than by anything else…

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 It is said that the name of the island comes from the diminutive of the name of the Greeks of Ambracia who remained on the island after the landing of the hero Antenor, following the Trojan war.

Fantastic landscapes

If you feel like a modern-day hero, you can test your courage by challenging the Adriatic Sea by windsurfing or sea kayaking! More than your courage (although the author does not doubt it), it is above all the magnificent landscapes that may surprise you as well as the disturbing clarity and purity of the sea water! A real treat !

A walk in the land will make you discover the open stone quarries (Pucisca) whose exploitation was partly used for the construction of the White House of Washington.

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Island official website:

(very bad translations however in French and English… for Croatian speakers especially, therefore).

Brac Airport:

Jean-Baptiste Gibily

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