The island of Dugi Otok

An amazing relief

Indeed strange, the long island of forty-five kilometers reaches at its highest point three hundred meters in height.

The protruding edges of the rocks plunging abruptly into the transparent sea evoke a wild and preserved nature, in harmony with the life that men lead there. Fishing is the second activity after tourism on this island (which changes the atmosphere a little, slowly taking on the appearance of the tourism industry) and it is moreover in a fishing village (Sali) that domicile the administrative center and the tourist office. The houses and alleys, built in pretty white stone, offer a pleasant walk. Several festivals punctuate the year there and if you pass in the surroundings during August, do not miss the night of the fishermen as well as the traditional competition of donkeys.

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Paradise for anglers and divers

The shallow underwater bottoms of the Mediterranean Sea offer great clarity and great diving experiences for both beginners and experienced divers. Dugi Otok lends itself particularly well to the practice of this activity and the prices for the rental of equipment and a boat, like those of the all-inclusive packages (initiation baptism, improvement, diving license at 20m etc.) are more affordable than in France. The richness and intense beauty of the marine flora and fauna around these islands make it a wonderful time to share with loved ones.

As fry abounds, amateur fishermen (with a license!) can also rejoice in the generosity of Dame Adriatique by tasting, grilled and salted, the fruit of their labor.

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