L'ile de Hvar

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Warning ! Do not confuse the island of Hvar, one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia with varied landscapes, the best vineyards in Croatia and incredible potential walks with the town of the same name, symbol of "elite" tourism in Croatia.

If the towns of Jelsa or Starigrad, for example, are still affordable in terms of hospitality, prices and authenticity, the town of Hvar has unfortunately become the symbol of Dalmatian summer nights.

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Jet setter friend, Hvar is your new home! Hvar or how in a few years to transform one of the most beautiful island villages in Croatia into cheap Saint-Tropez where the pseudo European golden youth meet. If the month of July still gives summer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the setting and the surrounding micro-islands and their restaurants in idyllic settings, the month of August transforms Hvar into a real nocturnal battlefield where operetta flirts mingle thinking that Croatian girls are ashen gallinettes who lure themselves with a pith helmet on their heads (and live the old-fashioned fights at the exit of the clubs, sorry for THE club) and people having to appear in this place where the we have to be seen! Next year I will rent my yacht and come and eat my rillettes on the port, there is no reason!

For any lover of Croatia, its coast and what makes it so charming and authentic, the town of Hvar is the symbol of everything not to do. From private beaches to mass tourism, we would forget that we are in Croatia. What a shame because the view from the castle overlooking the city is worth its weight in olive oil! You can't say I didn't warn you!

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