The island of Krk

A historic island

It is here that the "Stone of Baska" was found (in the town of Baska, in the south of the island) written in the Glagolitic alphabet (the oldest Slavic alphabet). It is considered as the starting point of the Croatian culture since it is on these inscriptions that we find mentioned for the first time the Croatian adjective (“hrvartski”) and therefore the existence of the language and the culture related. This stone is now in Zagreb, in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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It is also on this island that the Dalmatian language died out with its last speaker in 1898. Birth of a language and death of another, the passage on the island cannot leave you indifferent...

A pleasant resting place

You can easily reach the island by the very long concrete bridge connecting Krk to Rijeka. It is also in Omisalj, a northern town of Krk that Rijeka airport is located! A crossing over the bridge will cost you the equivalent of €1,50.

Island for families, the shaded Glavotok campsite near Krk is very nice, by the sea. On the other hand, that of Stara Baska, even if it is cheaper, does not have the slightest shaded area: in the summer sun!

If you don't have camping equipment, you can enjoy the warmth of a homestay room (which you'll find on every street corner thanks to the "soba" sign blooming on the low walls or the windows of the houses offering this service). The wealthiest (or large groups) will be able to enjoy the comfort of a rented villa!

Useful information

Pierre of Baska

Camping : Camping Glavotok

Glavotok 4

51511 Malinska

tel.: +385 (0)51 862 117

fax: +385 (0)51 862 119

Jean-Baptiste Gibily

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