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Peljesac is a peninsula and not an island, so although only a few minutes from Korcula, hitchhiking works very poorly there, especially since most of the vehicles circulating there are already full tourist cars. In Orebic, avoid the "Camping Orebic Glavna Plaza", although it looks friendly (a bit too?) unless you are not afraid to wake up and find your tent intimately surrounded by those of other campers.


This small island paradise is an architectural marvel. As such, you should not miss the old watchtower on the roof of which is now a cocktail bar (a little expensive but very nice in the evening), nor the grand Renaissance staircase and even less the small tangled alleys from the city center as well as the Church. On the other hand, the small museum is not really worth it.

Our activity: Visit to the island of Korcula.

The island's traditional dances (Moreska) are a marketing tourist trap. You can judge for yourself: a dozen euros for a show of 30 minutes maximum… you're a little unsatisfied even if the folk polyphonies in the first part are magnificent and deeply moved me.

A good nice address is the homestay, I also recommend the cozy home of the generous and good living Simon, who lives just under the museum of the "so-called" house of Marco Polo.

Do not miss either, at the end of the morning, to take a dip from the very precious little rocky beach at the bottom of the walls (below the street following the walkway where all the cafes and ice cream parlors are).


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