6 nature travel ideas to amaze you

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Unusual destinations closer to nature

Breaking away from everyday life, (re) connecting to nature is possible. In its list of trendy destinations, Lonely Planet promotes countries that will bring people closer to the environment. Here are six 100% natural dreams to fulfill.

1. Visit the natural gems of Alberta, Canada

In western Canada, the province of Alberta is home to natural sites with breathtaking panoramas. Banff is the oldest park in the country and offers a superb landscape for those who like to photograph glaciers flowing into emerald water, with a dense pine forest as a backdrop. Lake Louise and its dreamy colors complete the portfolio.

2. Reconnect with the Lost City in Colombia

The South American country will be on everyone's lips. For travelers who will take the plunge, head to the Lost City, departing from Santa Marta. The high coastal mountain shelters the testimony of the Tayrona civilization, before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.
And to complete the trip, take a look at our 7-step Colombia itinerary.

3. Observe the Northern Lights in Finland

Here igloos and hotel rooms are thoughtfully designed so as not to miss anything that is happening in the sky. There is only one imperative: go to Lapland. The more adventurous will also combine a sleigh trip or a skiing session.
If you can't go on a trip, you can still admire our best Northern Lights photos. We have no better consolation to offer you!

4. Enjoying a natural hot bath in Dominica

Wedged between Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) intends to seduce tourists, and not just diving enthusiasts. Travelers would be wrong not to set foot there to enjoy the hot baths and natural mud baths. The island is home to the second largest boiling lake in the world; to be appreciated only with the eyes, the water pointing to 82 ° C!

5. Make a trek in the Himalayas in Nepal

Bruised by a terrible earthquake in April 2015, Nepal is gradually recovering from the tragedy. Its inclusion in the Lonely Planet list is a way of proving that, despite the news, the region remains a tourist dream, especially for hikers. A tour of Annapurna, Everest base camp and surrounding valleys is a must.

6. Visit a wreck while diving in Bermuda

Many ships and planes would have disappeared in a specific area forming a triangle, according to legend. Enough to make the archipelago a very popular destination for divers who like to visit wrecks. More than 300 testimonies from the past are buried under water. Shipwrecks that built Bermuda's reputation as the Island of Demons or the Sea of ​​Hell ...

Essence of the natural

Reconnecting with nature is one of the essential things to do at different times of life. And each in his own way of doing it. So are you more of the type diving in turquoise waters, trekking or in nature observation mode?

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