6 original ways to visit Bali differently

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Surrounded by her big sisters from Java and Lombok, Bali is part of the archipelago of the Small Sunda Islands. Bathed by the Indian Ocean, it has exceptional seabeds which have made it famous among divers around the world. In addition to enjoying a tropical climate conducive to travel, the island has a wonderful flora and fauna, sometimes endemic.

This rich and abundant nature benefits from the fertility of Balinese soils nourished for millennia by the remnants of its volcanic activity. High mountains and sandy beaches combine here with an amazing, lively and motley culture, giving Bali that extra soul that makes it a well-soaked earthly paradise.

So here are 6 original ways to visit Bali differently ...

Bali by bike

Bali by bike

Mass tourism, if it is still relevant today, is increasingly being replaced by alternative modes of travel which advocate the preservation of local landscapes. Cycling tourism shows great vitality on the island. Indeed, its many country roads skirting the rice fields and shaded by venerable banyan trees are little frequented by cars and conducive to soft mobility. The more athletic will be able to tackle the difficult slopes of the volcanoes in the center, while lovers of bucolic walks will prefer the coastal paths, which are easier to access.

They will all meet local people who will be happy to welcome them to their villages and show them the way with a big smile! Bike rentals are very present on the island, especially on the outskirts of urban centers. If riding a bicycle seems simple, be careful on your excursions and make sure you bring the right equipment. Hat, sunscreen and a few liters of water will not be too much!

How to book excursions?

To benefit from these extraordinary routes and to marvel in complete safety, you can contact the large generalist agencies. Others (like Myasiantrip) offer even more specialized services with excursions in Bali ranging from tubing to traditional dancing for example.

For those who do not wish to book in advance, contacting a local agency is also an opportunity to negotiate the services offered and the prices to adapt even more to your expectations. Finally, seasoned backpackers will prefer to embark on an adventure on their own and rent their bike or 4 × 4 directly on site.

Authentic Bali

To fully discover the rich Balinese culture and immerse yourself in the heart of the life of the inhabitants, it is advisable to deviate from the usual tourist circuits. For lovers of original experiences, the woofing allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a local farm, by participating in collective tasks in exchange for board and lodging. An ideal solution for small budgets. Couchsurfing is more for urban people : here, it is about staying with the locals who will make you discover the charms of their city for free.

Sleeping with locals is not reserved for large cities. Many owners offer the rental of one or more of their rooms in the countryside or in small towns., via AirBnb or not. Thus, you will share the daily life of a family, attend religious ceremonies and be guided by your hosts to discover the surrounding nature.

Bali and 4×4

Bali and 4×4

The 4 × 4 is an institution in Bali. Tourist vehicle par excellence, it facilitates their transfer from one point of interest to another through the twists and turns of asphalt sometimes overloaded with large cities. However, the 4 × 4 is also an opportunity to discover the island differently. Many companies offer the rental with driver of an all-terrain vehicle that allows you to reach remote places, unknown to ordinary tourists.

The more adventurous will choose a rental without a driver. Be aware that the traffic can be daunting in the city and that it is preferable to have a solid experience of "driving with the horn" to make your way through the cars without running over a poor innocent cyclist!

Diving in Bali

Diving in Bali

Visiting Bali without diving is a bit like going to Normandy without tasting the Camembert: an aberration. The many beaches with crystal clear waters are full of spots where the observation of fish and aquatic flora is really child's play. Sunfish or manta ray, intense purple or fluorescent yellow, the Balinese aquatic fauna seems straight out of the Disney studios, both in its diversity and in its profusion.

The less adventurous, little tempted by the experience of the depths, can still console themselves with snorkeling. A mask, a snorkel and shallow water will be enough for their happiness, because here, the marvelous is within reach, even where you have your footing!

Bali by sailboat

Bali by the sea

In order to get away from spots crowded with tourists, it is sometimes advisable to take to the open sea. For this, many excursions are offered to those who wish to discover Bali from the sea. By catamaran, sailboat or yacht, to observe dolphins or dive on a forgotten wreck, the modalities of the experience are endless and can even be tailor-made.

Usually quite inexpensive, these excursions have the advantage of being provided turnkey. Diving or snorkeling equipment are taken care of by the flight crew. You just have to enjoy the joys of the ride with your hair blowing in the wind!

Trek and hike in Bali

Trekking in Bali

Traveling is also taking the time for contemplation, a word that is not insignificant in a land steeped in Hindu history. Walking lends itself particularly well to slow but deep exploration of a unique nature in the world and a thousand-year-old culture. In addition, the steep slopes of its many volcanoes will delight lovers of substantial drops.

They will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas, carved with a billhook by the rocky ledges. The carpets of green rice fields that stretch out to the horizon will remain etched in the memories of those who contemplate them at sunset, after a grueling day trudging on the paths. Autonomously or through specialized agencies, walking is surely the best compromise to soak up the uncompromising geography that has shaped the uniqueness of Bali!

A destination for lovers of alternative circuits

If Bali is today a known and recognized destination, its geographical characteristics limit the expansion of mass tourism and its sometimes disastrous consequences on populations and ecosystems. Its dreamlike but uncompromising nature allows it to preserve its magnificent landscapes in an almost wild state.

A chance for tourists who love alternative routes. The possibilities to discover the island are only multiplied and among the specialized agencies, many now offer rafting or horseback excursions. The guarantee of being fully immersed in a preserved environment without participating in its extinction!

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