Couple repairs school bus for unforgettable road trip

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A dream trip from Alaska to Argentina by school bus

Retyping a yellow “school bus” - as in American films - for a sabbatical year on the roads of America, such was the challenge of Selima (nicknamed Mogli) and Felix. These German lovers have rearranged a used school bus bought for $ 9500, dating from 1996. Their idea? Leaving Alaska to reach Argentina with their dog Rudi, driving a school bus that has only its name - and that looks like a tiny house in every way.

A photo posted by Expedition Happiness (@expeditionhappiness) on Sep 13, 2016 at 9:18 am PDT

A luxury school bus!

In fact, to make the most of their road trip, Mogli and Felix installed parquet floors and bought a comfortable bench, fitted the kitchen with an oven and hotplates, designed a tiled bathroom… An arrangement to make you pale the envy of urban tourists in search of cocoons referenced by Airbnb ...

Given the length of the school bus, the dog shouldn't run out of space on rainy days! “Considering thata road trip cannot be done without music“, Recalls Felix in the video presentation, a Marshall speaker was installed next to the driver.

Financial support against a wedding invitation

If it is possible to follow their journey for free through the Youtube channel “Expedition Happiness”, the German couple is counting on its 150 subscribers so that some drop a few dollars.

For the more generous - namely offering them $ 50 per month until their arrival in South America - the couple agrees to send postcards and photos by email. The bad tongues who would see in the counterpart of Felix and Mogli a lack of recognition will quickly change their mind.

As proof, Berliners undertake to invite generous donors to the preview of their documentary which will retrace their journey. As for those with whom they will have sympathized the most, the adventurers will even invite them to their wedding!

What are they now?

Thing promised thing due, in May 2017, Felix and Mogli released their film on their adventure of a year. You can also find it on Netflix.
You can even hire their bus for the night on tripadvisor. And if you too want to embark on the adventure and set up a van or other utility yourself, here are our 12 tips for getting started.

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