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From the heart near the palm trees ...

Today, the tropics are just a click away. Discounted prices, on-the-fly dream destinations… the tourist of the 21st century zaps from palm trees to palm trees. Sometimes to the detriment of the populations encountered. In this context, it is not easy to be a civic globetrotter. The solution: sustainable and inclusive tourism ... To combine ethics and discovery.

Towards more ethical tourism

In this low-cost era, traveling often rhymes with discounts. And the first to pay the environmental bill are first of all the local populations: decimated forests, concrete coasts, sacrificed economy… When it is not the cultural heritage, very fragile, which toasts. To stem the tidal wave, more and more tour operators are adopting the principles of solidarity tourism. The objective: to allow tourism to develop without destroying with it its own potential. And share with the local population the benefits of these activities.

If your concern is above all the preservation of nature, the Saiga agency is made for you: it offers getaways on the theme of observing flora and fauna in all regions of the world. Even more important! It pays its partners correctly: a guarantee of quality for you and of ethics for all those involved in your stay abroad.

A sum donated to local sustainable development

To get involved more directly with the local populations, opt for solidarity holidays. The Croq'nature agency pays 6% of the amount of your stay to sustainable development projects (wells, schools, health centers, training). More than a fair financial distribution, it is about forming friendly relations with your hosts, whether they are camel drivers, cooks, or guides. Everyone, just like the local population, then becomes the links of a united tourist chain.

At the time of “all in one” detrimental to the economy of travel, solidarity proposals are based on humanitarian values ​​and above all respond to a demographic reality. The “contingent” of tourists in the world will rise from 700 million to nearly 1,6 billion by 2020. A dizzying increase which forces us to think and organize tourism differently.

The man of tomorrow will be united or not. So why not be at the forefront?

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