Where to go in December ? Escape winter for milder destinations

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December is shaping up with plummeting temperatures, shorter days, and morale that for many is in danger of becoming as gloomy as the weather. The solution ? To leave ! Yes, but to which destinations in this last month of the year?

Where to go in the sun?

One of the Lagoons in the West Indies

Winter is the ideal season to go to the West Indies, Martinique or Guadeloupe to enjoy an explosion of scents, colors, paradisiacal beaches bordering turquoise waters. The average temperature is 25 ° C both in the air and in the sea! In the Dominican Republic we relax with our feet in the water and we walk in tropical nature. Generally speaking, it is summer in the Caribbean, then pack your bags to go to Jamaica, Cuba or the Bahamas. It is also very hot in the islands of the Indian Ocean. It's time to take a winter break in Reunion Island or Mauritius and admire the splendor of the Maldives. Costa Rica reveals an anthology of landscapes and a sunny biodiversity. Mexico has got rid of its cyclones since the end of October to let you discover the extraordinary Inca cities. At this time, we also attend the “Virgin of Guadalupe” celebrations which mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities. Finally, enjoy the full sun on the beaches of Dubai to permanently forget the cold temperatures of France.

Cheap destinations in December

The Masca Valley, located in Tenerife

Escape the harshness of winter without breaking the bank is quite possible by opting for a stay in the Canaries. Temperatures of Tenerife flirt with 20 ° and flights are accessible from € 58 round trip. For inexpensive holidays in winter, we also choose Fuerteventura another island in the Canary Islands from € 133 per return ticket. Morocco is an equally cheap destination thanks to plane tickets for 28 € round trip depending on the day of the week. The services of an upscale Moroccan hotel are 47% cheaper than in France and the addition of restaurants 72% lower for the same category. The Spanish Mediterranean coast with cities like Valence giving tourists a sweet eye with low prices on transport (€ 90 for a return ticket from Paris) and on hotels.

Travel ideas for a family trip

The charming little town of Ragusa, Sicily

Fancy some snow or some sun? This is the question to ask… December is the eagerly awaited month to go to Rovaniemi, the official city of Santa Claus. The latter has his own office more exactly in the village of Santa Claus, 8,6 km from the center of Rovaniemi. You can also choose to hurtle down the slopes of the largest French snow masses. If you dream of taking your tribe to azure horizons, go under the Saint-Martin sun. The partly Dutch “butterfly farm” will enchant them! Live a great African adventure with the family in South Africa. Put down your suitcases in Cape Town and treat yourself to a safari in Kruger Park. The mild temperatures of Sicily up to 18 ° during the day will certainly make you want to swim although you come especially in Sicile at that time for its Christmas atmosphere and its still deep-rooted traditions.

Romantic stay in December?

The Lofoten archipelago in Norway, a lovers' paradise

Whether you like the cold or not, winter is the most romantic season of the year and the opportunity to admire beautiful snowy landscapes hand in hand. You will find them in Finland, a country of lakes and forests, which offers you a real homecoming. Finland in winter combines nature, sauna and evenings by a crackling log fire in a charming chalet. In Norway, enjoy the romanticism of the fantastic universe for two of Lofoten, islands located in the north of the country. Other latitudes to discover in December, Argentina and Ushuaia with end-of-the-world landscapes. The snowy setting of Tierra del Fuego will forever be one of your fondest memories. Plan a romantic winter citytrip to Prague, the city of a thousand towers and a thousand spiers ”. Or to Vilnius in Lithuania, whose city center with an arty touch and chocolate truffles to be tasted in a small local chocolate factory, make it an ideal destination for a stay as a couple.

Travel ideas in Europe in December

Salzburg city, Austria

To find a little sun, you will have to head for Andalusia with a mild climate in winter or the Canaries, the only European destination where it can be 20/22 ° in winter. If the cold is not likely to put you off, discover Salzburg in Austria, a true enchanted city adorned with snow where one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world is held. Winter is by far the prettiest season to discover Saint Petersburg, the former capital of the Tsars, when the canals are frozen over. You will also fall in love with Amsterdam in the snow and enjoy its many outdoor ice rinks. Another beautiful European capital to visit in winter, Budapest. The Hungarian capital offers you the most beautiful illuminations and magical Christmas markets. You will also enjoy a unique experience in the city's thermal springs and a well-being break at 38 ° under the snow.

Where to go in December in France?

Strasbourg Christmas market -

As soon as the first snowflakes fall, in the Alps, the Jura or the Pyrenees, you won't be able to resist the urge to go skiing or breathe the fresh air! Snow often falls in abundance and the sun is generally there with always much less people on the slopes than in February. Alsace awaits you in this last month of the year in Strasbourg where one of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe is organized. Wrap up well and come and celebrate Saint-Nicolas in Nancy around December 06 with many festivities and a large Christmas market on Place Charles III. Lyon is another favorite destination at this time of year during the Festival of Lights (08/12), a large-scale popular urban event that attracts several million visitors each year.

Asia, the best places to go in winter

Waterfall in Laos

This is the best time to go to Laos where rainfall is almost non-existent. Take the opportunity to take a road trip from Pakse in the south to Luang Prabang in the north. Far from the hexagonal torpor, Thailand is another winter destination where the hot weather has not yet arrived. Cambodia, but also Vietnam are travel ideas to remember, as is southern India. However, avoid northern China and Mongolia. Finally, the Maldives, in the middle of the dry season and therefore ideal, only have one drawback: the increased number of tourists.

Where to go in Africa in December?

Lone Acacia Tree, Waza National Park, Cameroon

In Africa, Cameroon has its driest season in December, which lasts only 3 months. Take the opportunity to discover its varied landscapes from the beautiful beaches of manoka island to the western highlands. The north of the country is barely disturbed by the harmattan, a hot wind from the Sahara. This end of the year is also a good time to visit the Ivory Coast but also Senegal and Cape Verde, the "small country" of the great Césaria Évora where temperatures oscillate between 23 ° and 28 °. Finally at Senegal the warmth and the change of scenery are guaranteed. Beaches, music, bush, canoes… everything helps you forget the grayness of Europe.

Go to America in December

The El Calafate glacier, in Patagonia Argentina

It is starting to get very cold in North America. Unless you brave the freezing weather to have a memorable New Year's Eve in New York, it is better to go lower to the level of Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean. These countries are very popular during the holidays due to temperatures around 28 °.

On the South American side, the southern Brazil lives its southern summer in the latitudes of Rio de Janeiro. This is where you have to go if you are looking for heat. Adventurers can go on a trek in Amazon where the dry season ends. The last month of the year is also an excellent time to survey Patagonia even if the wind is likely to be there. Take a getaway to Ushuaia,El Calafate and take the opportunity to take a trip to Chile.

Where to travel in Oceania?

Perth, city of Australia

In Australia, the seasons are reversed which means that the summer is in full swing until February (with tourist frequentation similar to ours in July / August and rising prices of course). However, do not deprive yourself of visiting Perth ou Sydney, the first major metropolis in the world to celebrate the New Year. The memorable festivities of Sydney draw over a million people to the streets and always feature one of the biggest fireworks in the world. The summer climate of New Zealand with temperatures between 20 and 30 ° is ideal for escaping the cold and enjoying dream beaches. Be careful because it often rains in the northern tip of the country until the end of the month. In New Zealand festivals and outdoor concerts are on the increase this season!

Panel of choice between cold and hot

Azure skylines, snow-capped mountains or bustling cities, your choice of destinations to go in December is wide! Do you prefer high temperatures or intense cold? Which of these destinations will you choose?

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