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Between Darwin Cordillera and Beagle Channel

Ushuaia claims its status as the “southernmost city in the world”. Argentinians consider that Puerto Williams is too small to deserve the name of city. Above all, Ushuaia is an excellent base for exploring the wild Tierra del Fuego.

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A growing city

In the language of the Yagan Indians Ush means "at the bottom" and wuaia means "bay". Ushuaia is indeed well protected at the bottom of a cove, on the edge of the Beagle Channel.

In 1869, Thomas Bridge and a group of Anglican ministers established a mission near where the town now stands.

 Ushuaia was definitively founded in 1884.

It housed for a good part of the XNUMXth century the most dangerous convicts in the country.

These convicts recluse at the end of the world had no other activity than to cut wood and build houses.

Forty years ago Ushuaia certainly looked like the Puerto Williams of today: a small town on the Fuegian borders with a small fishing port.

Things are changing rapidly, even at the end of the world! Who arrives in Ushuaia by sea is surprised by the extent of the agglomeration.

Planes take off every quarter of an hour and cruise ships departing for Cape Horn or Antarctica follow one another.

Ushuaia is also a free zone attracting entrepreneurs: Thomson has set up a factory there!

With its 60 inhabitants, Ushuaia looks like a winter sports resort. The small sloping streets are brightened up with a multitude of hotels, restaurants and duty free shops.

The shopping centers are always full and tourists will find something to spend crazy nights in the bars and clubs of the city.

A beautiful setting

You have to come to Ushuaia to immerse yourself in the beauty of the nature that surrounds it. The snow-capped peaks of the Darwin Cordillera tower over the city and call for discovery.

You can go hiking in the Tierra del Fuego National Park, accessible by a charming little train, or go to the Eclaireurs lighthouse, planted in the middle of the Beagle.

You may also board a sailboat or a cruise ship to go around Cape Horn.

Boats also allow you to go for a ride in the Beagle Channel to observe seals and penguins.

The port of Ushuaia offers a friendly atmosphere and it is good to hang out on the pontoons. The sailboats refuel before setting off for the Horn or the Patagonian canals, others are looking for tourists to take them across to Puerto Williams.

Travelers comment on the weather and prepare their trips to town. If the weather is nice you can rent kayaks and canoes to stroll around the bay.

Useful information : Le site officiel de la ville : Plan d’Ushuaia

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