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This city has a power to make us fall in love with it in no time. We may be thousands of kilometers from France, on another continent, on the other side of the Atlantic and yet, it's almost like home. A city which, with its special atmosphere, captivates us and arouses our curiosity. Buenos Aires is a whole. All its neighborhoods are more different than the others, due to their heterogeneous architectures and the diversity of the cultures of its inhabitants. Step by step you will see buildings and monuments evolve and you will become Buenos Aires. It reminds me of our dear Europe and its cities which offer us a thousand monuments to discover in each new district. If you happen to be in the area, I offer you a list of 10 must-see places in Buenos Aires to help you experience this Porteña atmosphere as well as possible.


To take a drink : it is to Palermo that I suggest you go. This district is astonishing by its atmosphere so different day and night. By day it's colors galore and street-art and at night it's subdued atmosphere, the lanterns are out. All the bars and restaurants have a neat design and a different concept. Be careful, this will make you want to enter every time!
The Festival bar will give you an overview of Berlin bars with its art gallery, industrial design and cocktails. La Casa Ferona is perfect if you are hesitating between going to a bar or a nightclub, this one does both.

The Recoleta

For the cultural side : we go to La Recoleta. This is one of the most chic areas of the city, it is good to live and walk there. A concentration of parks and culture awaits you here. First of all you have the cemetery of La Recoleta, which exhibits you under funeral architecture, the upper bourgeoisie like the mythical Evita. Right next to it you have the Recollets Convent which is today a cultural center very rich in exhibitions and events. If you are in need of greenery, then nothing prevents you from frolicking in all the green spaces that surround this area, passing by the Francia square and its bohemian air and continuing to the Floralis Genérica, this metal sculpture.

Mayo Avenue

I want to talk to you about Mayo Avenue. It reminds me of the Gran Via in Madrid or the Parisian boulevards by its mix of architecture, between post-Haussmannian, eclectic and neo-classical. It was the emblematic and prestigious avenue of Buenos Aires at the beginning of the XNUMXth century when Argentina was in its golden age. It connects mythical places of Argentinian heritage such as the Congreso (parliament), the Casa Rosada (presidency of the Republic).

Barolo Palace

On this same avenue, the Palacio Barolo is in my opinion a must in Buenos Aires. Created between 1919 and 1933 for Mr. Luis Barolo, a textile giant, this building was for a long time the tallest building in Latin America. But it is especially interesting because its architecture tells. It is the story of Dante's Divine Comedy. The 100 meters of heights are reminiscent of the 100 songs of the poem. This building is created in 3 sections to recall hell, purgatory and paradise. Little more of the visit, if you go there at night, the place offers you a phenomenal view of the whole city. What to give in the cultural and in the romanticism at the same time.

Corrientes Avenue

Avenida Corrientes: This avenue is a bit like the Broadway of South America. A multitude of theaters are present on this square. It is the perfect place to spend a nice evening with lovers, friends or family. There are many Italian restaurants, because 40% of the population comes from Italian immigration, why not eat a pizza after a musical? In addition, take your time, the restaurants close late on weekends.

San Telmo

Dorrego Square in San Telmo: with its allures of Montmartre you will have the chance if you go there on Sunday morning, to see second-hand dealers and designers. An essential place to have a drink while admiring Tango dancers. Live Buenos Aires!

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero: You will find a bit of England here. With its red brick docks, Puerto Madero is the most recent district de Buenos Aire with a renovation dating back to 1990. It is the perfect place to eat and drink. You may have time for a digestive walk in the ecological reserve afterwards and its breathtaking view of the Rio.

La Boca

La Boca: It is a historic district and the first port of the City of Buenos Aires. With its concentration of colors through the Caminito, we are far from the setting of Recoleta. La Boca is a working-class and port district. This is where Italian immigrants settled in the mid-XNUMXth century. You will surely have the chance to see Tango dancers there: this is where this dance was born! If you are a football fan, know that you are in the historic club of the Argentine football god, Diego Maradona, with his legendary La Bombonera stadium.


Tiger: If you get the chance, go to the Tiger side. It is located a little further north, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The term suburb does not take its first meaning here since it promises you a change of scenery, unique landscapes and boat trips in the rio. It is a real paradise that brings to mind the Mississippi region with its aquatic labyrinth. Tigre is one of the largest deltas in the world.

San Antonio de Areco

Areco: Only a hundred kilometers away, it is truly here in the village of San Antonio de Areco that you can meet Argentinian soul. You will have the chance to see real Argentinian gauchos there, to taste an asado in an estancia or to participate in October in one of the biggest gauchesco gatherings in Argentina.

Here is a concentrate of Buenos Aires, which obviously is nothing compared to all that the city offers! Yours to Discover !

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