The Recoleta neighborhood

 The “XVIth” of Buenos Aires

Recoleta; the richest families in Buenos Aires live here.

The atmosphere is more about the Burberry jacket, the pleated skirt and the poodles than the street vendors of San Telmo and the bohemians of Plaza Dorrego.

The Recoleta district is located in the north of the city.

In the 1870th century, the wealthiest inhabitants of Buenos Aires lived in San Telmo, but in XNUMX an epidemic of yellow fever pushed them to settle further, creating the current district of Recoleta.

Resplendent avenues with magnificent buildings, dazzling green parks, gleaming cars, and pleasant calm; this is what you will find in Recoleta.

Do not miss to stroll in the district; large avenues and French-influenced architecture create a unique, almost Parisian atmosphere.

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The great attraction of Recoleta is undoubtedly its cemetery. Here lie generations of notables, soldiers, ministers and presidents.

Huge marble monuments guard their remains. As at Père Lachaise, you could stroll here for hours. The paths go in all directions, weave their way between the tombs, offering surprising viewpoints.

There is of course the tomb of the mythical Eva Perrón, but it is not the only curiosity. A guided tour will allow you to better discover the place.

 Near there you can visit the Church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, in colonial Baroque style, built in 1732. Below you can take a look at the "Village Recoleta", an ultra modern shopping center at rather prohibitive prices.

The rest of the walk will surely take you to the Museo nacional de Bellas Artes, on Avenida Libertor.

This impressive burgundy-colored building houses an important collection of national and international works.

Represented among others are the Argentinian artist Benito Quinquela Martín, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Rembrandt.

 The museum also hosts excellent temporary exhibitions, film screenings and concerts. 

In the park adjoining the museum stands an astonishing metal flower (Floralis Generica), financed and designed by the architect Eduardo Catalano. With its 20m high, the flower lights up and closes at night. Following Alcorta Avenue you will pass in front of the imposing Faculty of Law.

These are the corners not to be missed in Recoleta, but you will surely discover many other pleasant places while strolling.

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National museum of fine arts

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