The site of the “12 apostles”

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A must on the Australian coast

just before sunset

Major attraction of the "Great Ocean Road", you have certainly seen the 12 apostles in a postcard one day in your life!

Our favorite activity: Private helicopter tour of the Great Ocean Road

But this place becomes even more magical at sunrise or sunset with the wind and sea air!

Limestone formations carved by rain, wind and waves, it is difficult to see the 12 apostles at the same time.

2 are located to the left of the viewpoint and 3 are completely hidden by the cliffs. Hurry up to visit the 12 apostles while there is still time!!

In July 2005, a first apostle, eaten away by erosion, collapsed in on itself and the perpetual waves will wipe out the other eleven sometime in the next million years!


At the Sunrise

You will take the best photos of the site at Sunrise (and in clear weather!!), because the majority of the “apostles” are then well exposed to the light.

At sunset, your photos will necessarily be a little against the light (like here!)

Finally, be very attentive to sunset and sunrise, because you may be able to see little australian penguins cross the beach to get to their nest in the cliffs!! Zoom and binoculars can then be of great help!

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