The island of Morro de Sao Paolo

The sand is so hot it burns your feet. The sea so clear that you think you can see the corals there.

Welcome to the island of Morro de Sao Paulo, two hours by boat south of Salvador de Bahia.

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There are no cars here. Just a few wheelbarrows to facilitate the transport of luggage. We walk through the four main beaches, each of which has its own identity.

When you arrive, you must first climb to the village which adjoins the "Primeira praia", the first beach. This is the district of restaurants and shops.

But despite the tourist development, Morro de Sao Paulo has kept its identity as a small island treasure.

The restaurants remain within reach of backpackers' purses and the atmosphere is relaxed.


On the "Segunda Praia", place to the nightlife. The bars have their feet in the sand and the party continues late into the night to the rhythm of caipirinhas and local music groups… like Fasu Kanu and his talented singer with the voice of Tracy Chapman.

A turning point, a shack selling succulent hamburgers 24 hours a day, and opens the "Terceira Praia", land of cheap pousadas, far from the noise of restaurants and bars.

Finally, for those who seek tranquility above all else, remains the “Quarteira Praia” and its dream beach lined with coconut palms.

Ideal for a few romantic days. The fourth beach is also very popular with couples on honeymoon.


If lazing around isn't enough for you, most watersports activities are available on Morro, although the sea – very calm on the island compared to the coast – isn't suitable for surfers looking for big waves.

Boat tours of the island are easy to arrange locally, and you can take a trip south to the wilder island of Boipeda Island.


Life is so sweet on Morro that many tourists choose to extend their stay. Some backpackers even stay there for several weeks…

Because when you leave Morro, it is better not to look back. For fear of already regretting this little paradise of Bahia.


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