The “Great Ocean Road”, one of the most famous coastal roads in the world (1/2)

The B100 road of the State of Victoria winds over more than 240 km, along the southern coast of Australia, facing the Bass Strait and Tasmania.

Very busy, this winding road follows "the coast of shipwrecks", sadly famous for the some 80 boats that have disappeared on its reefs.

Today it is fortunately its panoramas between cliffs and ocean and the many limestone formations created by the waves for millennia that make it famous!

Our proposed activity: Day trip along the coast via Great Ocean Road

The best way to discover this coastline is to rent a car from Melbourne or Adelaide, bring enough food, good music and go on an unforgettable 1 or 2 day "road trip" along the sea.

First part: the masterpieces dug by the waves

From Warrnambool to Cape Otway, extends the wildest part of the "Great Ocean Road" and the one we absolutely recommend!

Every 200m, a look out will force you to stop to admire the limestone formations dug by the waves for millennia.

The coast of the "Great Ocean Road" receives a wave every 2 minutes, and therefore regularly recedes by 2cm per year. Erosion hollows out the cliffs, leaving the most curious formations there.


It is in this part of the road that the most spectacular and famous of these formations is located: the 12 apostles! An ESSENTIAL Australian site!

The Otway National Park, located in the middle of the road, is a real contrast to the seaside landscape, low vegetation and sheep, typical of the "Great Ocean Road".

Suddenly, the turns become tighter and the road winds through the mountain, surrounded by a real virgin forest, with huge trees, waterfalls and extremely dense vegetation.

The Cape Otway lighthouse is well worth a visit, you can climb into the lantern and admire both sides of the coastline, and why not whales, between July and September.

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