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Come face to face with the animals of the world at Taronga Zoo, a zoo with a beautiful view as well! Located off beautiful Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo will keep the whole family happy. You will discover more than 350 species of animals. It features Australia's flora and fauna, as well as a diverse collection of exotic species.


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Sydney Taronga Zoo guides can provide people of all ages with a unique learning experience, bringing you face-to-face with live animals. By learning about different animals and plants in their environment, you can increase your knowledge, develop an understanding and build a positive attitude towards wildlife. A visit to Sydney's Taronga Zoo allows young and old alike to develop skills and enthusiasm, to actively participate in the care and conservation of flora and fauna in their own communities.

Sydney Taronga Zoo was officially opened on 7 October 1916. Since then the zoo has conducted 33 conservation breeding programmes, 11 recovery programmes, 10 in situ conservation partnerships and is involved in 10 other major research programmes. for preservation. The zoo is an internationally renowned non-profit association for animal protection and conservation.

Sydney Taronga Zoo's 'Great Southern Oceans' extension is now open to the public and provides an important and exciting introduction to Australia's marine wildlife. The new 1.2 hectares feature the various Australian sea lions, Australian fur seals, New Zealand fur seals, California sea lions, leopards, penguins and pelicans living in unique environments, mimicking their natural habitat and offering stunning and spectacular views for visitors.

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