Skip-the-Line Colón Theater and Buenos Aires Palaces Tour

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Get skip-the-line access to one of the world's most popular opera houses, the Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre), with this 2-hour guided tour. The theater is considered one of the five best concert halls in the world in terms of acoustics. You'll learn about the history of the theater, as well as the artists who performed there. Plus, get an exterior view of other palaces in Buenos Aires. Entrance tickets to the Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre) are included in the price.

Meet your guide in the late morning next to the Teatro Colón (Colón Theater) to begin your tour of the horseshoe-shaped auditorium. The theater has 2 seats (slightly more than the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London), standing room for 487 and a stage 1 meters wide, 000 meters high and 20 meters deep. The interior design of the theater also features rich red and gold colors. The dome contains a canvas painted in 15 by 20th century artist Raúl Soldi during the renovation.

After an hour inside the Colón Theater, you'll begin your 1-hour walking tour past some of Buenos Aires' most impressive palaces, such as the Palace of Running Waters, the Palace of Congresses, and Palacio Barolo in the end of the visit.

The theme of the excursion is linked to the Belle Époque, architecture, economic situations and social reality. As well as the role of Argentina and the influence of France in the upper class of Buenos Aires and the influence of the First and Second World Wars in the construction of the palaces.

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