Senior tourism: hedonists!

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The dynamism of seniors

The extension of life has changed the situation of tourism in France. Whether they travel around France in a motorhome or go abroad in a group, more and more seniors want to take advantage of retirement.


Curious, consumers and mobile

It is a fact, even if their purchasing power is unevenly distributed, seniors have more resources and time than their younger siblings! They therefore spend more money on leisure. Two thirds of seniors go on vacation (including 18% abroad), on an organized tour or in a club.

In France or abroad, they prefer cultural activities (museum visits, gastronomy) and walks. They are more interested in the theme of the trip than the destination itself. Tour operators have understood this and offer them a range of products more suited to their desires. Large consumers, seniors represent a very lucrative target in the tourism market.

Growing tourism

Faced with the mass arrival of baby boomers, tourism players quickly understood the need to meet growing demand. For example, Senior Voyages offers packages according to the expectations of seniors: stay, circuit, weekend, cruise and their centers of interest (thalasso, discovery, luxury, etc.). In order to satisfy them, a great deal of effort has been put into activities and reception in suitable infrastructures.

Vacances Bleues specializes in hotel club stays for seniors… and their grandchildren! This tour operator had the original idea of ​​designing his inter-company stays, in order to allow all members of the family to go together. Activities and support are provided for this purpose.

Hotel chains like Mercure, or car rental agencies like Avis also offer reductions for older people. With its Senior Card, SNCF has long adapted to this booming market, offering seniors up to 50% savings on journeys.

Very available and more and more inclined to buy on the Internet, seniors can leave where they want, when they want: last minute online reservations agencies which offer flights at reduced prices at the last moment, rub their hands!

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