Hiking excursion in the Tijuca forest, and its waterfalls

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This excursion will take you to the Tijuca Forest, Taunay Falls, Tijuca National Park Museum and Cachoeira das Almas Waterfalls. Discover the Tijuca Forest on this great 4-hour guided tour.

The Tijuca Forest is one of the largest urban green spaces in the world. It covers 3972 hectares and is located in the Tijuca National Park. Much of its vegetation is recent, due to the reforestation initiative to replace coffee plantations. On this 4 hour tour you can enjoy a great hike starting at the front door.

You will hike several trails that include heritage elements of the forest. After visiting Taunay Falls and the Tijuca National Park Tourist Office, you will take the path towards Cachoeira das Almas (Waterfalls of Souls). This magnificent waterfall is formed by the river of souls, which was so named because of the slaves who used to worship their religions in this very intimate place.

After a refreshing swim on site during your free time, you will return to the meeting point!

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