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    Half-day trip to Antwerp, departing from Brussels

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    Spend an afternoon in Antwerp, Belgium's second largest city located on Europe's largest port. You will discover the city of Peter Paul Rubens and see how diamonds are cut and polished in the workshop.


    • Performed in French, English

    Starting from Brussels, you will pass through the countryside around Antwerp. Your first stop will be the Market Square, with its old houses and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Among various treasures, the cathedral contains two masterpieces by Rubens: "The Raising of the Cross" and "The Descent from the Cross".

    Antwerp is also the world center for diamonds, and you will visit a diamond workshop to learn more about the diamond industry.

    After getting information about the famous port of Antwerp, you will return to Brussels for dinner.

    Detailed schedule

    Starting point:
    Choose between hotels in the city of Brussels, or a central meeting point

    Departure time:
    13 hours 15

    Return details:
    Return to the starting point around 19:00 p.m.

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