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    Full Day Tour to Iguazu Falls

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    Recognized around the world, the Iguazu Falls are considered one of the most impressive natural beauties on earth. With over 200 falls reaching heights of 200 feet (60 meters), the sheer power, size and sound of Iguazu is simply breathtaking. Do not miss !


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    This subtropical region shared by Argentina and Brazil covers a vast area that begins in the northeastern part of Argentina and ends at the Carnival capital of Rio de Janeiro. In this complete day tour to Iguazu Falls, you will find a multitude of activities such as:

    Upper Circuit: a magnificent view of the waterfalls and access to the Fluvial Iguazu delta, made up of islands of lush vegetation.
    Time: 1h15. Difficulty: no stairs

    Lower Circuit: a series of strategically placed walkways for visitors to get multiple views of the falls and to get near the waterfalls and charming spots in the forest.
    Time: 2h Difficulty: stairs

    The Devil's Throat: indescribable for its beauty and energy, it presents an overwhelming combination of sound and environment.
    Time: 1h30. Difficulty: no stairs.

    The Forest Train: a circuit of eco-trains heading into the interior of the forest and the edge of the river that allows you to move around the park and have access to the walkways to view the attractions.

    Please note: the Tour includes the falls on the Argentina side only.

    Detailed schedule

    Starting point :
    Pickup from your Puerto Iguazu hotel

    Departure time :

     9.15 p.m

     Hotel pickups begin before this time; exact pickup time will be advised upon reconfirmation.

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