Climate in New York: when to go

Annual average climate in New York

Below, the main values ​​of the climatic averages over the whole year in New York:

  • Minimum annual temperature: 9°C
  • Average annual temperature: 13°C
  • Maximum annual temperature: 17°C
  • Precipitation: 110 mm/month (with 10 rainy days/month)

Monthly climate normals

Min / Max Precipitation
January -3 ° / 4 ° 81mm / 11 days
february -2 ° / 6 ° 76mm / 9 days
March 2 ° / 11 ° 108mm / 11 days
April 7 ° / 17 ° 109mm / 11 days
may 12 ° / 22 ° 105mm / 11 days
June 18 ° / 26 ° 144mm / 12 days
July 21 ° / 29 ° 111mm / 10 days
August 20 ° / 28 ° 138mm / 10 days
September 16 ° / 24 ° 126mm / 9 days
October 10 ° / 18 ° 121mm / 9 days
November 6 ° / 12 ° 89mm / 9 days
December – / 7° 113mm / 11 days

These weather averages were generated using values ​​from the NEW YORK CNTRL PK TWR weather station. The latter is located in the United States, 8 km from New York and is located at an altitude of 40 meters.

The weather in New York

New York has a humid continental climate, with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Precipitation is abundant throughout the year, with peaks in summer and autumn. Summers are hot and humid, with average temperatures above 20°C in July and August. Winters are cold and snowy, with average temperatures below 0°C in January and February. Precipitation is abundant all year round, with peaks in summer and autumn.

When is the best time to travel to New York?

The best time to travel to New York is between May and September. The city is in full bloom during these months and you can enjoy the variety of activities it offers. It is generally warmer and drier this time of year, so you can enjoy the parks and sports fields. You can also take part in festivals, concerts and cultural events. Accommodation prices are usually cheaper during this time, as there are fewer tourists.

Traveling to New York according to the seasons

New York is a very popular vacation destination and offers wonderful experiences in every season. Each season offers unique experiences and entertainment opportunities. Here's a look at the best way to travel to New York by season.

Spring : Spring in New York is beautiful and full of activity. The season begins in March and offers sunny days and mild temperatures. The parks and gardens are in bloom and the streets are bustling. This is the perfect time to explore and discover tourist attractions.

Summer : Summer in New York is hot and humid. June to August are considered the hottest months. This is the perfect time to visit beaches or water parks. There is so much entertainment to enjoy during the summer including music festivals, concerts, fireworks and street performances.

Autumn : Fall in New York is beautiful. September and October are the most beautiful and sunny months. The leaves of the trees are starting to change color and the temperatures are still pleasant. This is a good time to visit museums and art galleries.

Winter : Winter in New York can be cold and wet. November to February are generally the coldest and snowiest months. This is the perfect time to have a drink or a meal in a pub or mulled wine bar and to go shopping.

The best time to go, or the months to avoid

Below are some additional questions that should allow you to choose which are the best times for your stay, or which periods to avoid.

Which are the hottest months in New York?

In New York, the months of the year with the highest maximum temperatures are:
July (with 29°C), August (with 28°C), June (with 26°C), …

What are the coldest months?

The months of the year that record the lowest average temperatures in New York are:
January (with 1°C), february (with 2°C), December (with 4°C), …

Which are the driest months in New York?

In New York, the months of the year with the fewest rainy days are:
November (with 9 rainy days/month), September (with 9 rainy days/month), february (with 9 rainy days/month), …

What are the rainiest months?

The months with the most rainy days in New York are:
June (with 12 rainy days/month), March (with 11 rainy days/month), January (with 11 rainy days/month), …

What is the weather around?

Nearby cities with a similar climate

Other cities a few kilometers from New York may have a more or less similar climate:
Brooklyn (9 km from New York), Queens (15 km), Manhattan (8 km), The Bronx (19 km), Staten Island (20 km), Newark (14 km), Jersey City ( 6 km), Jamaica (17 km), Yonkers (26 km), East Flatbush (9 km), …

Around New York

You might also be interested in these cities:
Brooklyn (9 km from New York), Newark (14 km), Queens (15 km), The Bronx (19 km), Staten Island (20 km), Philadelphia (130 km), …

In the USA

Consult the climate forecasts for other major cities in the United States:
Los Angeles (3936 km from New York), Chicago (1146 km), Brooklyn (9 km), Houston (2281 km), Queens (15 km), Philadelphia (130 km), Phoenix (3444 km), San Antonio (2545 km), San Diego (3907 km), The Bronx (19 km), …

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