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surfing in Byron Bay

Located on the "Pacific Highway", which connects Sydney to Brisbane along the Pacific coast, the atmosphere in Byron Bay is the image of surfing as one dreams of after watching Keanu Reeves in the cult surfing film : “Point Break”!

No doubt, you have arrived on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, where the art of wearing the tongue and the agility of winning over the waves are pushed to the extreme.

Here the groups arrive in “minivan”, surfboards on the roof and already in ski gear.

Many tourists only stay here for a day, but it's definitely a popular resort for Australians and worth staying a bit longer.

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The station

ambiance Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a relatively small resort, which is supposed to be the most bohemian of the towns on the coast.

It is true that it is one of the only places in Australia where you will see hippie communities and where the installation of a "Macdonald's" restaurant has been banned by the community.

Even if the prices are a bit expensive for restaurants and accommodation, the atmosphere is very relaxed in the streets of this small village.

The houses are all made of wood, of different colors, and the circulation of cars is really limited.

Despite its success and the floods of tourists who go there, Byron fights to protect its authentic and wild nature and avoid the architectural pitfalls of the "Gold Coast" (huge seaside towers and oversized modern town centres). It is therefore this natural and paradisiacal atmosphere that we come to seek in Byron Bay.

The beaches

Byron Main Beach

There are many beaches near Byron. The main beach is located in the city center, parallel to the main street.

It is a very long beach of white sand and with several permanent wave rolls.

On that side of the coast, there are more people for swimming and therefore better supervision of bathers.

But don't venture too far and watch each other.

On the other side of the cape, "Tallow Beach" is much more dangerous for swimming, because the waves are stronger, but its wild side (and desert!) makes it an absolutely superb beach to discover during a walk. in the sand.

Hordes of surfers waiting for the waves

Of course, you can take advantage of the Byron Bay spot to try your hand at the Australian waves and the joys of surfing.

You can easily rent a board for the day and even a few hours of lessons from the surf shops in town.

However, for the laziest, observing the behavior of surfers is already an activity in its own right!

The principle is simple. Lying on their boards on the right side of the beach, the surfers set off, paddling, heading out to sea.

Already exhausted, they reach a first wave level. The principle is then to wait (a long time!) in order to choose the right wave to let yourself slide over the crest, and follow the entire beach inside the wave to its other end.

Once there, all the surfers have to do is grab their boards under their arms and walk all along the beach in the opposite direction to start again!

It's a kind of permanent migration that allows you to see as many surfers in the water as walking on the beach to reach the spot!

Byron's Lighthouse

byron lighthouse

Byron Bay is the easternmost point of Australia (you will never have been so far in longitude!), a lighthouse has been installed there to guide boats on the coast, and this setting is truly one of the most beautiful places in Byron Bay.

Do not miss this place located a few minutes drive from the main beach.

Take the time to go for a walk towards the lighthouse and enjoy the view overlooking the cliffs.

You can easily spot pods of dolphins and a unique breed of whale on their seasonal migrations between June and July or September and November.

Useful information

Located in the far north of the state of New South Wales, Byron Bay is very easily accessible by car or bus. The station is only 1h30 by car from Brisbane and 10 to 12h from Sydney.

Directories of accommodation and restaurants in the city (access map)

Accommodation and information in Byron

The "BluesFest" (Byron's music festival, one of the best known in Australia)

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