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Belgian gastronomy is very famous and is not really limited to the famous mussels/chips.

The famous fries

Belgian fries

Belgian fries are reputed to be the best in the world. I tested for you and the verdict is positive.

It is true that they are truly exceptional. The secret of this crunchy-melting? Belgian fries would be cooked twice in oils of different temperatures.

The most famous place in Brussels is the mythical “Maison Antoine”, place Jourdan, not far from the European Parliament.

You can enjoy your fries in all the bars in the square displaying an authorization sign. The opportunity to accompany them with a good Belgian beer!

The fries are served in a cardboard cone accompanied by the (homemade) sauce of your choice. La Maison Antoine also offers sandwitches… with fries!

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Pastries and coffees

Belgian waffles

Chocolate :

Belgian chocolate is world famous, especially the "praline". Signs like Leonidas, Godiva or Neuhaus are present on every street corner.

Chocolate museums exist in Brussels as well as in Bruges.

Also, many homemade chocolate shops make the kitchens visible to visitors so you can watch fountains of melted chocolate flow before you see it poured into molds.

Belgian waffles:

There are two types: the cork waffle and the Brussels waffle. The first is round and slightly caramelized, while the second, lighter and rectangular in shape, is often served topped with chocolate or whipped cream.

Good to know:

When you order a coffee, you may be confronted with some local specificities: for an espresso, ask for a “petit”; as for the coffee with milk, it is called here “Russian coffee”.

If you order a “café au lait”, you will be brought a cup of coffee with a small pot of cream… The coffee is often served with the local biscuit: the speculos.

Other specialties

shop near the main square.

Many Belgian specialties are based on seafood:

this ranges from caricoles sold in the street by peddlers (sea snails), to shrimp croquettes, passing through mussels, fish waterzoi or eels au vert.

Belgians are also famous for their cheeses. Other specialties include flamiche, rabbit stew in beer or even stoemp.

To discover these local specialties, prefer the daily specials served at lunchtime. Prices indeed rise in the evening and restaurants are quite expensive in Belgium (especially wine or water, beware).

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