A day at Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires, including two visits

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A car will be waiting for passengers at Iguazu Airport with a sign showing the passengers' names. The tour can be purchased with or without plane tickets. You will have a guide (in the desired language) and a driver at your disposal (private transfer). The guide and driver will take you from the airport to where the Cataratas excursions begin! Participation in this excursion is limited to a maximum of 14 travelers.

First visit: Iguazu Falls Argentinian side

Departures daily from 8:00. Hours are subject to change based on location. Return at approximately 16:00 p.m. Includes transfer (one way / return to the hotel) and professional guide service. Does not include entrance to the park's Iguazu National Park.
Admire the Devil's Throat. Indescribable for its beauty and energy that excites all, an impressive array of sounds and sights. Unavoidable ! (Difficulty: no stairs)
Upper circuit: access to magnificent panoramic views of the Iguazu Falls and the river delta formed by a series of green islands. (Difficulty: no stairs).
Lower Circuit: A set of strategically designed walkways that allow for various views of the falls and an intimate encounter with waterfalls and charming corners of the forest. (Difficulty: With stairs) 

Second excursion: great adventure

This walking tour takes place in Iguazu National Park. Distance of 8 km. Yacaratiá off-road, the path leading to Puerto Macuco. Twin-engine boarding in a sailing boat 6 km. From the Iguazu river 2 km further down the rapids. Join the Canyon of the Devil's Throat, approximation of the jumps and landing in front of the island of San Martin.
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Difficulty: escalators, high rapids (reserved for pregnant women and people with heart and spine problems) 

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