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Sunday is the perfect day to hop on a bike and see the different cultures that make up this multifaceted city.

Join us for a stroll through the city center, learning about the various fairs and cultural events as we make our way to one of the largest city parks in the world.

We'll meet you in front of the Hand of America, a sculpture at the Latin American Memorial where bikes will be distributed, and we'll take a ride to White Water Park for a welcoming breakfast.

Then the group will enjoy a pleasant bike ride in an overpass that turns into a leisure area on Sundays. After the viaduct, we will pass by a street fair to taste tropical fruits.

The excursion then continues through the streets of the old city center where wonderful photos can be taken at almost every corner.

The next stop will be a famous street fair where the group will have the opportunity to discover the history behind a traditional oriental neighborhood as well as taste some specialties of Japanese cuisine.

Then we will go to a famous cultural center in the region to visit a hanging garden and an organic vegetable garden. And to continue enjoying nature, a minibus will take the group to the most famous park in the city, Ibirapuera Park, where we can have a magnificent view of the park. To stop and rest, we will taste one of the most refreshing dishes in Brazil!

After the visit, those who wish to enjoy the late afternoon in typical São Paulo fashion can return for a walk through Ibirapuera Park.

Note: You must know how to ride a bike to participate in this experience.
Our itinerary is subject to last minute changes.

Suggestion before the visit: you can visit the Memorial of Latin America, a complex designed by Oscar Niemeyer to receive concerts, festivals, exhibitions, as well as to be a research center for arts and sciences in Latin America .

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