Rio de Janeiro Small Group Cooking Class

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Lluís Enric Mayans

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Take a moment of relaxation from your stay in Rio de Janeiro Brazilian local culinary and you will learn more about the scene. Located in the Centro in the Rio district, this studio kitchen offers visitors an insight into the cooking techniques, ingredients and flavors of Brazil. Cook the meal yourself and see how good you are at sticking to certain Brazilian recipes!

Enjoy a few hours of local Brazilian culture and participate in this fun indulging cooking class. You will learn how to make a traditional recipe and taste what you have complete for yourself! The ingredients used are available from around the world, so you will be able to make these dishes at home too!
Whether you're an amateur or a novice, this Italian cooking class in central Rome promises to be a fun and entertaining experience you'll never forget. Choose one of two traditional dishes – either Bahia Fruit Moqueca or Black Bean Feijoada. Each dish is accompanied by Cassava chopsticks and two alcoholic drinks (Caipirinha and Batida de Coco).
Your instructor will take you through the cooking process and answer any questions you can. With a maximum of seven participants per class, you'll be sure to have a more personalized experience. Once you have prepared and cooked dishes, you can enjoy your sumptuous Brazilian meal.

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