Morocco: an abandoned church transformed into a work of art

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A fresco by Okuda San Miguel brings this church back to life

If it has retained its original form, the abandoned church of Youssoufia in Morocco is now covered with vivid paint and colorful geometric shapes. As part of the British Council Initiative Caravan Street's Art, Okuda San Miguel produced a magnificent fresco on the entire structure of this old church.
Okuda San Miguel is not at his first attempt. He had already transformed a century-old church into a colorful skate park; in Spain. Today, it is in Youssoufia in Morocco that he brings a church back to life with a huge mural entitled “11 Mirages for Freedom”. This name comes from the 11 sides of the building completely covered in bright colors.

Geometric figures

The street artist covered the whole structure with geometric figures representing the heads of bears, lions, birds, human faces. The eleven sides of the church are painted and it has even integrated the latticed windows. These have turned into bird cages, hats, masks ...


Okuda San Miguel painted the entire building brilliant yellow. He added many details and very colorful geometric figures. These bright colors perfectly integrate the structure and forms are part of the creation. The result is truly splendid. The artist thus honors the beauty of the church, its forms, its past, its cultural integrity.

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