Morocco: 5 good reasons to visit Agadir

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Agadir, a seaside resort just begging to be discovered

1. Sun all year round!

The climate in the Agadir region is particularly mild: 340 days of sunshine per year (on average). The temperature there in summer is very pleasant (around 25 ° C). The latter can even sometimes climb above 40 ° C when the winds from the Sahara are dominant.

2. Magnificent beaches

In Morocco, the fine sandy beaches of Agadir are particularly welcoming, and it is possible to swim practically all year round.

3. A little paradise for surf enthusiasts

Agadir has become in recent years an essential winter meeting place for surfers. The latter can indeed benefit from very good quality spots - near Taghazout Bay - and ideal temperatures (plus or minus 15 ° C).

4. A superb region

Visitors to Agadir are strongly recommended to plan a few excursions in the Souss region, and in particular to its small villages, which are very exotic and welcoming. Do not miss to discover the bay of Agadir by boat, it is really worth it!

5. You never get bored, even at night!

Many bars and nightclubs are located in Agadir, especially in hotels near the beaches, such as the Royal Atlas Agadir hotel. And for a romantic evening, don't forget the typical restaurants, which will allow you to discover and appreciate the local gastronomy.

Photos via Flickr – Heather Cowper et hedvigs

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