Marrakech: 10 bewitching photos of the Majorelle garden

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Why is Majorelle more than a garden?

Half a hectare of exoticism and Art Deco

Designed by the painter Jacques Majorelle who lived in Marrakech, this garden almost disappeared 40 years after its creation under pressure from real estate developers. It was without counting on Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé who bought this colorful place in 1980. The freshness of this botanical El Dorado will surprise you.

The feat also lies in the marriage of the Islamic-inspired garden and the Art Deco villa. In this half-hectare built around basins filled with water lilies and lotuses, the freshness of these waterways relieves the exhausting heat of Marrakech. Initially located in the middle of nature to escape the concentration of the medina, the garden is now located in the new city.

Enjoy the “Majorelle blue” in the morning

With more than 600 annual visitors (one of the most visited sites in Morocco), we strongly advise you to go there as soon as the doors open. Not yet assaulted by tourists, you will land on one of the benches facing the former workshop of Jacques Majorelle or a villa with Moorish charm.

Let your eyes wander, look at exotic plants while savoring the chirping of the multitude of birds that have come to find refuge in a teeming and noisy city, it is well worth 50 dinars. The famous “Majorelle blue” of the pots, fountains and buildings that adorn, among others, the Yves-Saint Laurent memorial will stay in your memory for a long time. In the meantime, you can turn off your computer and start planning your trip to Marrakech.

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