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    Maligne Valley and Wildlife Tour

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    Come and enjoy the striking beauty of the Vallée de la Maligne. The tour includes a short walk around the top of Maligne Canyon, then a scenic drive up the Mysterious Valley from Medicine Lake to Maligne Lake.


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    This region has a lot to boast about. Maligne Lake is the longest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies. The lake drains into the Maligne River from the lake to Medicine Lake – The Disappearing Lake. The mystery begins here. It is the beginning of what is believed to be the largest karst system or underground river in Canada, yet to be explored. The Canyon, the Athabasca River and the surrounding lakes all originate from this karst system at the lower end of the valley. Still, there has yet to be a discovered way to access the caving system either from the end of the lake or the Canyon, keeping it a mystery. Your guide will explain it to you in his commentary.

    Wildlife in winter may include elk, caribou, bull elk, great horn sheep, wolves, coyotes, etc.

    During the summer months you will have the opportunity to take a boat cruise on the lake.

    Detailed schedule

    Starting point :
    Pickup is available from Jasper hotels

    Departure time :
    9h30 and 13h30

    8h30 and 13h00

    Return details:
    Return to the starting point around 3 hours after departure

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