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Visiting a city with children is not always a vacation… Such small people in such big cities can make you break into a cold sweat. Here is a little practical guide so that your few days with your family in the English capital do not turn into a nightmare.

Culture, monuments, yes, but in moderation

Even if we love big monuments, endless museums or art galleries, we must understand that for children, these visits can quickly turn into hell. Thus, we try to linger there only if there are fun activities to do there. For example, Buckingham Palace is a must-see attraction while in London. To make it more attractive, why not go there during the changing of the guard?

To have an overview of London, and be sure to entertain your children (unless they are dizzy), you can go to the London Eye. This road, one of the highest in Europe, allows you to have a global view of the city, in 30 minutes, in complete safety.

As for museums, if your children are not too young, a visit to the Natural History Museum is a must. They will not only be fascinated by dinosaurs and other insects, but the investigation room will allow them to use microscopes and other computers. The Science Museum and the Tate also offer areas dedicated to children. A good way to amuse them, in a cultural environment. It goes without saying that the Madame Tussauds Museum, a wax museum, will also please them. What child has never dreamed of posing for a photo with his idols, even in wax?

Don't forget the rest

As adults, it's easy to walk for hours on a city tour, stop for only a few minutes to eat and… get back on the road straight away. With children, you have to learn to take your time. So London is the ideal city for this, as it offers plenty of parks and green places to have a picnic, or rest your tired legs.

St James for example is the ideal place, because it is in the center of the city and offers a lot of calm and greenery: the perfect place for a short break. For a longer moment of relaxation, opt for Hyde Park. There, the small lake offers various fun activities for both adults and children, boating or pedalo to name a few. 

Accommodation is also important for a good stay with your children. Having their own accommodation allows our children to feel at home, to benefit from their own room, a living room to play in, a table to eat at. And for parents, one of the great advantages is that they can put the children to bed and know that they are sleeping peacefully in the next room, in complete safety… And that they are calmly recharging their batteries for the day. next!

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