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    London's Ghosts and Despicable Murderers Walking Tour

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    This two-hour walking tour is a moonlight special – not for the faint-hearted. As you wander through the darkness of narrow passageways and winding alleyways of London's Georgian and Victorian architecture, get ready to learn about the city and also its dark past. Whether it's the curse, a ghost or an assassin – all will be revealed to those brave enough to join us.

    Starting from Tottenham Court Road, our guides will take you on a walk through the eerie alleys of Old London. The West End's many haunted theaters are just the beginning. Along the way, you will encounter ghosts and ghouls of all kinds, from the headless nobleman to the lady of the night whose life has been cut short. After a spectacular and terrifying two-hour tour, we'll end near Temple Station

    – The Pub “The Bucket of Blood”
    – The setting of the eerie “Knockturn Alley” from the Harry Potter films
    – The most haunted theater in the West End
    – The infamous murders that baffled the authorities
    – The curse of the legacy that strangled its victims

    And much more !

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