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Brazil is one of the South American countries with the most interesting tourist sites. To better understand the wonders of this country, you can let yourself be tempted by a guided excursion. Whatever the length of your stay, going on a safari in Brazil will allow you to visit the most emblematic places.

Cape versus Rio de Janeiro

As soon as you arrive in the capital of Brazil, the scenery and the configuration of the city will certainly attract your attention. You can admire the hills which represent the meeting point between the vegetation and the jails. The immense beach with azure waters is also a place where it is good to relax. The first wonder passed, your guide will take you around the main, unmissable place of the city which is the Cidade Maravilhosa. It has within it the main emblems of the city, namely: the Corcovado and the sugar loaf.

The latter takes its name from the strange configuration of its rocky peak. Once at the top, there are rare places that can allow you to take in the city in this way. You can admire it in its immensity. It is teeming with so many buildings whose architecture is enough to take your breath away and green hills. The second site named Corcovado houses the statue of Christ the Redeemer. From its height of 38 meters, it is undoubtedly the tallest statue in the world. To reach the top of its places, you can use the cable car or climb the walls, for the more adventurous.

Stopover in North Pantanal

The Pantanal gives you the opportunity to observe more closely a great diversity of fauna and flora. As soon as you descend into this region, you receive a warm welcome from your guide and the inhabitants of the marsh. You won't know where to turn between the colorful and diverse plumages here and the marsupials there. Then, let yourself be tempted by a horseback ride to discover a little more, this magnificent natural reserve of animal species. Embark on a small boat that will allow you to float on the Mutum River.

It's time to get your cameras out to catch sights of the otters and stingrays there. Also, admire birds with flamboyant plumage and herons emerging from their hiding places. In addition, beautiful egrets grace you with their presence as they fly over your boat. If you are fond of plants, you will be served with those that you will have the opportunity to touch, know and photograph. Continue exploring the area by continuing to float on the water until you reach the bays of Chacororé and Sìa Mariana. There, you can end your day with piranha fishing.

Crossing to South Pantanal

On board a vehicle, you cross wooden bridges bordered on all sides by vegetation as beautiful as it is extravagant. Once at your destination, follow your guide for an exciting safari in the middle of this brush. Quietly watch for wild cats and maned wolves. As you follow the waterways, you will come across the Brazilian tapirs, which are one of the five species of tapirs that still exist.

Later in the day, meet diurnal animals. You will meet the king of the Amazon jungle who is none other than the jaguar. Spending its night hunting its prey, you are more likely to photograph it during the day when it is resting. Still in a dead calm, you will see many animals during your horseback ride.

A ride to Bonito

Ecotourism capital of Brazil, it is ideal for carrying out outdoor activities. You can also discover many aquatic species there. Floating on the Gruta Do Lago Azul underground lake, you will spot the skeletons of a sloth and a tiger. A variety of fish is also present there. Your guide will be able to give you useful information on most of these species. In this region, you will have a ton of unique experiences that you will remember as one of the highlights of your safari in Brazil.

Visit from Sao Paulo

The ecosystem gives way to the excitement of the largest city in South America. Immerse yourself in the frenzy of Sao Paulo with its impressive architectures and street art. You attend a guided tour of the city's museums. These trace the history of the country from the time it had a sulphurous reputation to the present day. This visit promises to be enriching and instructive. Thus, the time of an evening, you can discover the main recipes of the country. For this, you have more than 12 restaurants available. Taste the feijoada, the strawberry caipirinhas. Also, discover the trendy clubs of the city.

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