Ecotourism in Brazil: explore the Pantanal

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THEecotourism is a concept that aims to travel differently. At respecting nature and limiting his environmental impact. If you want to practiceecotourism in Brazil, it's time for you to plan a trip to the Pantanal. This region belongs, in part, to Brazil in the states of Mato Grosso. Paraguay and Bolivia share what remains of this wild paradise. Learn more about this magnificent nature reserve for visit the Pantanal in the best possible way! 

The Pantanal, an ecological sanctuary

The Pantanal is the floodplain largest on the planet and is, on its own, the most important ecosystem from Brazil. For sustainable tourism, this country ofAmerique du Sud is a gem of the biodiversity and all eyes are often turned to the Amazon. However, among the many treasures that abound in Brazil, the Pantanal is undoubtedly the most spectacular. It is true that the question arises: Pantanal or Amazonia? The Pantanal is an almost unknown region, however, it presents many differences compared to its big sister. From the Portuguese word pantano which means “swamp”, it was exploited during the period colonial by Portuguese for its gold and its rubber. 

capybaras, semi-aquatic animals

This humid region with predominant vegetation is difficult to access, which explains the low population density and a natural space particularly preserved. The high concentration of fish retained in lagoons represents a Reserve abundant food for the whole biosphere. Less dense than Amazon forest, this green jewel has the advantage of offering you vast scenery clear allowing you, easily, toobserve local wildlife in their natural environment

Classified in World Heritage Unesco, the Pantanal is the champion of sustainable tourism. Have you always dreamed of finding yourself in the middle of a life-size animal documentary? Look forward to the show! 

When to go to the Pantanal?

From Cuiabá ou Campo Grande, after a few hours on the road, the adventure begins. One stay in the Pantanal in Brazil 4 to 5 days is often recommended. Take advantage of all that the region can offer you by setting off during the dry season of April to October, here east there best period to observe wildlife. It is therefore not recommended to go there during the rainy season from November to March, because the region is buried under water.

Sustainable tourism in the Pantanal: where to stay?

unite ecolodge farm

You won't find large hotels built for the occasion. Here is the holy grail of responsible tourism ! The large farm properties called "farms", become ecolodges during the dry season and participate in Sustainable Development of the region. The distances between each fazendas being substantial, you will not be able to improvise and go door to door. It is therefore essential to prepare your trip upstream. The easiest way is to call on tour operators specializing in ecotourism who will take care of everything, from transport to accommodation. You can also house in town in a "inn" à Large field. Often, these small typical hotels offer a circuit in the Pantanal with night in a fazenda within the reserve. 

You will be able to discover the life of the inhabitants, most of the fazendas actively participating in the preservation de l 'local economy. They often collaborate with the native population, the Amerindians, who work as guides. You will enjoy resting in the middle of Swamp filled with caimans that you will be able to see at sunrise, before breakfast. In the evening you will enjoy a churrasco (barbecue) while discussing theexcursion the next day with your neighbors or owners. It is also common to come across film crews for channels like the BBC or National Geographic. 

Meeting with the animals of the Pantanal

the anteater

The biggest swamp in the world, it is deserved ! It is one of the most unspoiled places on the planet, a real ecological refuge for many species of fauna and Flora. You will need a little patience and a lot of luck if you want to spot a jaguar or a anaconda, but in the Pantanal, we don't choose, we take what it offers us. Like a surprise bag, you will be amazed by the chance of your encounters with the Pantanal animals such as capybaras giant otter, alligators (caimans), the howler monkey or the Jabiru, large wading bird with a large black bill, symbol of the region. You will enjoy all the activities that will be offered to you. A day of horseback riding ou pedestrian, along the meadows, where you can admire the blue macaws and nandou from America. On board your canoe, you will observe the birds, among the 650 existing species, then you will end with a jeep photo safari to immortalize the mighty sizeir.

canoe trip in the marshes

Are you tempted to discover the best kept secret in Brazil ? The Pantanal awaits you with open arms so don't wait any longer, pack your bags!

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