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When reading the literary success of Zadie Smith "White teeth" (smile of a wolf), one perceives a city completely different from that described in the tourist guides.

London is indeed one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. It is this "behind the scenes" that I invite you to discover in this little London world tour!

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More than a third of Londoners were born abroad and the city continues to attract many migrants, so much so that it now brings together more than 30 different ethnic groups from all continents!

Mayor Ken Livingstone was right when he described the capital as "the whole world in one city".

Walking through the different districts of London thus offers a complete change of scenery and allows you to discover food, customs and products from around the world, in a cacophony where all languages ​​mingle (up to 300 languages ​​are spoken in London).

In South London, discover the cosmopolitan district of Brixton, populated by immigrants from the former British West Indies and their descendants.

The best way to soak up the unique atmosphere of this district is to go to the market where you will find all the products of the Caribbean.

Then go to Bangladesh around Adgate east metro station and Brick lane. In this district nicknamed Benglatown all the signs are bilingual!

You can find all the products from Bangladesh (fabrics, food, music, etc.) and you can enjoy a curry in one of the many restaurants that line Brick lane.

A little further up the street, Jewish families have settled in and prepare the famous bagels on sale 24 hours a day.

Then take a walk in the African district of Dalston and in particular the Ridley street market, the one I prefer in London!

Not far from there is the Turkish quarter of London around Kingsland road. You can see mosques, families in traditional dress and you can find all products from Turkey.

Although located in the most touristy area of ​​London, near Leicester Square (which some consider a huge tourist trap), London's small Chinatown is also worth visiting to complete our discovery of London's cultural mosaic.

As in Benglatown, the signs are bilingual.

There are of course all the shops selling products from the middle empire, and lots of restaurants.

Beware of the food sold on site; many of my London friends got away with terrible stomachaches…

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