London markets

I take you on a discovery of London's markets, an unusual way to discover the city in its daily life and its diversity, and to do good business at the same time...

The most famous of London's markets is the Camden market, which has become increasingly touristy over the years.

Unfortunately, this market is no longer what it used to be and bargains are rare!

But once you understand what you're dealing with: pseudo-underground at your fingertips, it remains an essential place for London visitors.

It is the district that shelters it that is worth the trip.

Straddling the Regent's canal, it teems with life and impresses with its colorful facades and ultra-flash clothing and shoe shops!

If you want to discover London's nightlife, a visit to Camden is absolutely essential...

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The other two most famous markets in London are the Covent Garden market and the Portobello road market, in the Notting Hill district.

The latter includes a flea market, an antiques market and fruits and vegetables.

The atmosphere there is the opposite of that of Camden. We are here in an upscale area of ​​West London.

While Camden is dirty and chaotic (although this mess seems almost organized to satisfy visitors' expectations…), Portobello is clean and village-like.

It is very pleasant to walk in this market whose atmosphere is very well rendered in the film "love at first sight in Notting Hill".

And now I invite you to discover more popular and unknown markets outside of London.

Azurever favorite: the Ridley road market in the African district of Dalston.

You will be seduced by its colorful and disorderly atmosphere, its profusion of spices, beauty products, fabrics that intermingle in a joyful disorder.

The market is organized in parallel rows of stalls lined up in a single street.

So when you observe a stand, you see two others in the background through the interstices of the fabrics: an unexpected spectacle of great beauty!

I also recommend the Brixton Market, much bigger and better organized than the last one.

Located in the district of London which is home to the Caribbean community, this lively market is the ideal place to buy food (meat, fish, vegetables, exotic fruits, cane sugar…) or African artisanal products.

This allows an authentic dive into multicultural London, far from the traditional tourist circuits.

Also discover the last meat market in London at Smithfield, the flower market on Columbia road or the flea market on Brick lane in the Bengali district and Petticoat lane just next door.

Also visit the leadenhall market, more for the architecture of its Victorian gallery which served as the setting for the film Harry Potter than for its products, which are quite unaffordable.

Whatever your choice, it is always the opportunity to discover a district of London with its own atmosphere, to perceive the soul of the place.

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